Meet the staff


Megan Knott (she/her)

Chief Executive Officer

I oversee all units of Tourism Kingston: Sales, Business Events, Travel Trade, Sport & Wellness, Film and Media, Marketing & Communications, and Special Projects. I also coordinate partnerships to leverage the outcomes of our tourism master plan. I work with the Tourism Kingston board of directors, the Kingston Accommodation Partners board of directors, and the City of Kingston.

My favourite part of the job is…The tourism industry is a fast-paced, collaborative environment and the team at TK is an amazing group of professionals.

Brittney Veley (she/her)

Operations and Human Resources Manager

I oversee the day-to-day operations at Tourism Kingston.  I am the corporate secretary to Tourism Kingston’s Board of Directors, the executive assistant to our Executive Director, and I oversee the organization’s HR and finances.

My favourite part of the job is… seeing the economic and community impact of our organizational projects and efforts.


Ted Robinson (he/him)

Business Events Specialist
I bring business events, meetings, and conferences to Kingston and ensure that participants have the best-possible experience while they’re here. I work with companies and third-party meeting planners interested in considering Kingston as a host-city for their event.

My favourite part of the job is…exposing first-time visitors to the myriad charms of our beautiful city

Noelle Piche (she/her)

Travel Trade Specialist

I represent Kingston and our partners at travel trade shows throughout the year with a focus on what makes Kingston unique! I enjoy working closely with tour operators in creating itineraries, organizing FAM tours, and connecting receptive tour operators with our incredible partners.

My favourite part of the job is… connecting with new people every day as we bring in new visitors to our beautiful, charming city.

Ella Wang (she/her)

International Travel Trade Coordinator

I support the marketing team to create, manage, and execute content strategies by writing and translating content for Chinese social media channels WeChat and Weibo. I work with Chinese audiences and tour operators in China and North America. I also provide travel trade support, translation, and support for Tourism Kingston’s international strategy.

My favourite part of the job is…talking to and helping people.

Emma Lambert

Emma Lambert (she/her)

Manager – Sport Partnerships, Wellness & Culture 

My role allows me to support Kingston’s sport community while working to bring new sport events and initiatives to this beautiful city of ours. I’m responsible for managing relationships with our local sport partners and representing Kingston while engaging with the broader provincial, national, and international sport communities. I’m working to secure opportunities through which Kingston can shine as the incredible sport city it is, while bringing in business for the community that drives economic impact and leaves a legacy for future generations of athletes.

My favourite part of the job is… being able to promote sport as a vehicle for positive community growth and economic development by working with the many partners who make this city such a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

Marketing and communications

Alison Migneault (she/her)

Chief Marketing Officer

I am responsible for stewarding the Kingston brand, communicating all the amazing things to see and do in Kingston, and attracting visitors to the city. I have the honour of leading the (multi award-winning) Marketing and Communications team and providing guidance to Tourism Kingston colleagues and community partners. I also work closely with our agencies of record to design compelling strategies, campaigns, and initiatives that raise profile for Kingston.

My favourite part of the job is… representing the city I love and being a tourist in my own city. I truly believe that what makes a great place to live is a great place to visit and vice versa – tourism improves the quality of life for residents (including me!)

Andrea Gunn (she/her)

Editor, Strategic Communications

In addition to writing stories about the people and places of Kingston, I am in charge of creating and editing publications for Tourism Kingston. I also develop grant applications that help support both Tourism Kingston’s core programming and its new projects.

As part of the Marketing and Communications team, I work with all other portfolios at Tourism Kingston, as well as well graphic designers, photographers, and creative agencies.

My favourite part of the job is…connecting with people to tell their stories; being part of a creative, professional team that has such a positive impact on the Kingston community.

Ashley Bradshaw (she/her)

Destination Development Manager

I am responsible for a range of partnership-focused activities, which includes bringing tourism partners together to collaborate, develop, and promote curated packages and itineraries that appeal to visitors and residents alike. I have the privilege to work on special projects that raise profile for Kingston, such as Kingstonlicious and the upcoming Solar Eclipse. I also work closely with our partnership organizations at various governing levels to ensure Kingston is top of mind in visitors travel decisions.

My favourite part of the job is… connecting with the community is the highlight of every workday and having the ability to narrate and share their stories through packages and itineraries to visitors and residents alike.

Derek Rowcliffe (he/him)

Senior Graphic Designer

I support Kingston’s brand presence across a range of platforms, developing compelling, engaging visual communications that enhance the city’s profile and reputation and support the brand strategy and campaigns. I work closely with all units of Tourism Kingston and our creative agencies; finding new ways to leverage our brand.

My favourite part of the job is… supporting and exploring this beautiful city I love in a creative way. I find it exciting to learn what’s new in our city and expressing it to the community creatively.

Peter Sanfilippo (he/him)

Brand Manager

Through strategic digital marketing, brand building, and community engagement, I help my Tourism Kingston colleagues and local stakeholders to present an authentic Kingston experience to both locals and prospective visitors. By leveraging local businesses, events, and attractions, I work to help define and accentuate everything that makes Kingston Kingston, and promote that essence into the content we put in market.

My favorite part of the job is…connecting with the people in our city that make Kingston such a great place to live and visit and spotlighting the exciting things happening here.

Film and media

Donnie MacIntyre (he/him)

Film Commissioner

I lead efforts to build, develop, and support the local screen industries in Kingston. From film, TV, digital media, or animation, I partner with talent locally and internationally to connect our unique locations and world-class workforce with producers, writers, and directors from around the world. I collaborate with institutions to develop workshops and programs so local residents can build the skills they need to advance their careers in the industry.

My favourite part of the job is… being a part of Kingston’s film and media industry at such an exciting time. In recent years, major Hollywood productions have put Kingston on the map as a premiere global production hub. Combined with the vibrant, diverse, and creative community we have to offer, we are poised for explosive growth in the coming years.

Moira Demorest (she/her)

Music Officer

I am thrilled to work as Music Officer. I am working to support the music sector throughout Kingston, acting as the bridge between artists and the Municipality and providing local artist development and music tourism initiatives. My work is strongly aligned with the Creative Industries Strategy and the ongoing Music Strategy.

My favourite part of the job is… finding ways to advocate for and showcase the artists in our community. Kingston is rich with musical talent and creatives. Ensuring sustainable ways to nurture this growth is critical to our continued creative success and to any thriving local music ecosystem.

Joanne Loton (she/her)

Film and Media Officer

My goal is to put Kingston and the surrounding areas on the map for larger international productions, to attract and service medium to small production companies, and to support them in building their businesses. We also work to employ our incredible roster of talent locally across all forms of media: film, television, animation, digital, immersive/interactive, and gaming.

My favourite part of the job is… Learning more about the incredible people, places, and spaces that Kingston has to offer both in its history and future growth; then communicating that to others who may not yet know how special Kingston is.

Matthew Ing

Matthew Ing (he/him)

Film and Media Specialist

I support the film and media team through scouting potential filming locations across Kingston and the surrounding regions. I also act as an on-site liaison for productions in town and collaborate closely with local crew to develop on-set opportunities for further growth in the Kingston community.

My favourite part of the job is…being part of a fast-growing film industry in the Kingston region and being able to help local crew members develop their talents.

Visitor services

André Soucy (he/him)

Director of Visitor Services and Customer Experience

I manage all aspects of the operation of the Visitor Information Centre. I manage the Enhanced Profile Program, support other units at Tourism Kingston, and coordinate special projects, such as the sustainability assessment.

My favourite part of the job is… collaborating with staff to implement new ideas and solutions, helping at the Visitor Information Centre, and talking to people from all around the world.