A Queen’s love story

Ask anyone who went to Queen’s University and they’ll tell you: it was the time of their lives. There’s something about the Ivy-esque campus with its limestone buildings and lakeside location that makes it feel like a mini time capsule in the vibrant heart of Kingston. 

Students come from across Canada, and sometimes around the world, to attend its programs and become part of its renowned community. From Homecoming festivities to only-at-Queen’s traditions like tams, jacket bars and the Oil Thigh and every other ritual that can’t really be explained to the outside observer, Queen’s cultivates a tight-knit group with ties that often last a lifetime.

And, as alumna Emily Pitre explains, you’re always likely to find a fellow Queen’s cohort in unlikely places. “When I moved to Munich, Germany, I immediately reached out to the alumni group to see if anyone was in Germany and could meet up,” she says. “I never had any classes with the girl I met, but it turned out we had tons of friends in common. Queen’s is its own little world.”

Queen’s memories are made beyond undergrad and grad programs. The university has also emerged as a wildly popular wedding venue and alumni are returning from all corners of the world to make new memories, rooted in their tricolour connections, with their friends and families across the campus.

“It was like a mini Queen’s reunion for us,” says Emily who returned to the Queen’s to take her wedding photos with her husband and wedding party—90% of who are Queen’s grads themselves. Even their emcees attended Queen’s and flew in from Sweden and England.

Emily and her husband Ryan met while studying history and mechanical engineering. They attended the Sci Formal together and brought some of that Queen’s spirit to their wedding eight years later.

“We relived our Queen’s days in those photos,” Emily says. “We thought it would be fun and nostalgic to recreate our Sci Formal pictures for our wedding since it holds such a special place in our hearts.”

Besides retracing their steps across campus, Emily and Ryan also booked rooms at Queen’s residence for their guests to stay. “Organizing the rooms was super easy and Queen’s was great, very responsive. They made the process easy,” says Emily. “The rooms were very nice, the res is centrally located so it was easy for guests to get around the city. Plus, it was pretty nostalgic for our Queen’s alumni guests.”

There are three Queen’s venues ready to help you tie the knot.

Ban Righ Hall

Available from late April to August

Nestled in the heart of the campus, Ban Righ can host parties from 100 to 400 large and can accommodate your ceremony, reception and banquet. 

View the hall’s full package offerings here.

Isabel Bader Centre

Available from late April until August

The beautifully designed, bright, open space of the Isabel is a gorgeous venue for your wedding of 100 to 180 guests. Let the sparkling waters of Lake Ontario be the backdrop of your special day as you let the party spill out to the lake-side patio.

View the Isabel’s full package offerings here.

Donald Gordon Centre

Perfect for your intimate wedding for up to 120 guests, the Donald Gordon Centre offers a picturesque setting for your celebration. Take the ceremony to the manicured lawns of the property and bring everyone inside for the reception.

View the Donald Gordon Centre package here.  


Whether you’re hosting your wedding at Queen’s or setting up your guests in their recently rebuilt residence halls, the campus is ideally located in the heart of Kingston. If you have friends and family spread far and wide, we’re a convenient 2-hour drive or train ride away from Toronto and Ottawa. Your guests can unwind and explore the city’s shopping, dining, sightseeing and nightlife in their downtime. With so much going on, they’ll want to make a weekend out of it.