The 9 Best Places To Get Mouthwatering Poutine In Kingston

By Kate Farrell

We all know the joys of poutine; the anticipation as you see that gourmet gravy poured on a heap of crispy tots, the cheese curds tumbling down the mountain of goodness that’s about to go in your belly. And that first bite? Wait what’s that? The fries are cold and your hot mess of a meal has just turned into a soggy, chilly pile.
Been there? Us too. That’s why we made this list of unreal poutine places that won’t only serve your poutine piping hot but they’ll also create a dish bursting with flavour. Never again will you have to face a disappointing basket of fries again. From the classic gravy and fries to elaborate takes on your favourite dish that’ll excite your taste buds — you better be hungry.

1. Chien Noir

69 Brock St.
This gourmet French favourite isn’t the first place one would think of going for a messy meal of fries and gravy, but get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Ever heard of boujee poutine? Now you have. Chien Noir is serving up frites with triple cream brie, shredded duck confit, green peppercorn, and cognac jus. Still too basic for you? Add on some pan-seared foie gras and try to keep your jaw off the ground.

2. Harper’s Burger Bar

93 Princess St.
When you’re done your juicy burger (meat-free or meat-full), why not follow up with a little poutine? And because it’s Harpers, they are making their poutine as innovative and unique as their burgers; get ready for their Thai Poutine. Fries, ‘Black River’ cheese curds, coconut-red curry sauce, and cilantro will keep your taste buds intrigued all night long.

3. Mr. Donair

163 Division St.
Mr. Donair is a collegiate favourite for their filling, satisfying grub. Think you know the neighbourhood favourite? Not until you try the Canadian classic with sweet sauce. Two words, life-changing.

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4. Copper Penny

240 Princess St.
It’s no wonder that Copper Penny is celebrating over 30 years of business; with gourmet comfort food and a prime location right in the middle of downtown, it’s a local favourite for the books. Their Copper Penny Poutine is simplicity at its best: warm fries, homemade gravy, and blended cheeses. Want to amp up the poutine Experience? Try the Chicken Fajita Poutine with Cajun chicken, blended cheese, sauteed onions, peppers, salsa, sour cream and — oh right, fries and gravy.
You can find these poutine dreams at their other location as well, the Copper Penny Grill’n Home at 759 Bayridge Dr.

5. Tango Nuevo

331 King St. East
Poutine has never been this sweet. Get your world rocked by Tango Nuevo’s sweet potato fries. Tango Nuevo is known for their ever-so-aesthetically-pleasing ambience and delicious tapas, so it’s only natural that their poutine would meet that level of excellence. Order the Boniato Frito for the perfect combination of sweet potato fries, harissa aioli, avocado cream, feta, and roasted red peppers.

6. Red House

369 King St. East
Locally grown produce, humanely raised meats, artisanal food producers, and a huge variety of some of the best craft beers around? What could make Red House better? Not too much considering they serve a mean classic poutine. No-nonsense here, just brown gravy, local curds, and fresh fries to go with your cold beer.
Make sure to check out their other location in the west end at 619 Fortune Crescent as well.

7. Bella Bistro

4050 Bath Rd.
This locally owned gem is known for their amazing hospitality and classic mouthwatering dishes. You truly feel like family when you eat at Bella Bistro, and it’s only right to keep that cozy vibe going with some delicious comfort food. Enter the mouthwatering Bella Poutine: fries, local cheese curds, and their very own kicked up gravy. Yes, please!

8. Pan Chancho

44 Princess St.
The first thing that comes to mind when you think of this ever-so-classy and charming cafe may not be a mess of gravy and fries — but be ready to be happily surprised! Pan Chancho, in typical fashion, isn’t just serving any old poutine. Their Poutine Bravas has patates frites, spicy chorizo, a poached egg, cheddar curds and smoked paprika gravy. All made from scratch, so you don’t want to miss this.
Feature image via Kingston Food Tours.


9. Bubbas Poutine + Pizzeria

349 King Street East
No Kingston poutine list would be complete without Bubba’s famous poutine on it. There are Greek and Italian options, but if this is your first—or last—attempt, go for the classic Quebec Style Poutine. The curds are thick and salty, the gravy is dark and rich, and the fries are sturdy enough to withstand and soak up all that cheesy and messy deliciousness.

Photo via Bubba’s Poutinerie