Planning and Bid Support

Ready to help you host your next sporting event in Kingston

Let the sport division of Tourism Kingston help you plan and organize your next sports event. We can assist you with all of the finer details like bid development, marketing, venue coordination, accommodation and food services – plus much more.

Bid Development

Tourism Kingston has experience preparing a variety of successful bid documents including: 2020 Tim Horton’s Brier Bid, 2019 and 2020 Canadian National Pickleball Championships Bid, 2020 World Broomball Championships Bid, 2019 Football Canada Cup Bid, and others. We will work with you to create professional, well-informed bid packages that showcase all that Kingston has to offer as the host city of your next sporting event.

Securing Accommodations

Sport Tourism Kingston will contact the appropriate accommodation providers in the city of Kingston to request proposals for your event. These requests can include a need for blocked rooms, preferred room rates, meeting rooms, banquet needs, etc. After proposals are received, we help you review and provide assistance with booking to suit your needs and the needs of your participants. For more information about Kingston Accommodation Partners, please contact Krista LeClair at

Venue Coordination

Through our network of contacts we can arrange for you to get the best event facilities to suit your needs. Kingston has many state-of-the-art facilities to offer for a wide range of sporting events.


Tourism Kingston’s website can be used to promote your upcoming events, providing information with links to your webpage and detailed information. We also assist with ticket campaigns, media conferences and press releases.

Site Inspections

We can arrange for customized tours of potential accommodation and facility options for your event so you can see the space and its suitability. Available both in person and virtually.

Food Services

Kingston has a vibrant culinary scene, with menus to suit every palette and budget. We would love to help you coordinate your food service needs. Many of Kingston’s restaurants located near the city’s sport facilities welcome large groups.


Tourism Kingston will help you to plan and arrange any transportation services that may be required for you and the participants of your sporting event while you’re in the city.

Letters of Endorsement

We will gather letters from key stakeholders in your sports community and the City of Kingston to show how much we want to have your event in Kingston.

Visitor Information

Complimentary Visitor Guides can be provided to your participants with maps and information on local restaurants and attractions. A branded Tourism Kingston pop-up booth may also be available for display with visitor information at your event.

Incentive Funding

Sponsorships and incentives may be available for your group depending on number of participants, time of year, level of play, and/or length of stay.

Contact the Sport and Wellness portfolio

Megan Knott
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 613-453-4603

Contact the City of Kingston Recreation and Leisure Office

Tony Gargaro
Manager, Recreation Services
Tel: 613-546-4291 ext.1805