Meet the Makers: Jeff and Pam of Pam’s Flower Garden

By Lexy Correa

If you were to list a family-run business in Kingston, Pam’s Flower Garden may come to mind. Established in 1962 by their parents John and Mary, the family slowly transformed what was once a Beer Store into the refreshing and welcoming space it is today. We sat down with current owners, Jeff and Pam, to chat about the shop that has now been open for a half-century.

Pam and Jeff always had strong ties to Kingston – in fact, they were only two and five years old when their parents established the business.

When asked about her roots, Pam explains, “After I went to University, I was a teacher for a number of years. I was always involved in the business one way or another so I decided to come back full time.”

In the past few years, Pam’s Flower Garden embraced the trend of sourcing local – and working with product grown in their garden always inspires their designers.

“When we get a load of flowers in for processing, everybody will draw inspiration from them and start to create. It’s not necessarily that we have a plan in mind, but when you see the raw product in front of you, you’ll start to combine different elements that work together until you have the final arrangement,” Pam explains. 

The shop also embraces each designer’s individuality and style. 

“Every single designer has a style and we encourage them to explore. In bigger cities, some shops expect cookie-cutter arrangements. Whereas here, everybody has a slightly different take on a piece and a special forte. It’s one of our strongpoints – we have a good mix of designers with tons of experience.”


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Jeff, who handles the purchasing side of plants, shares his process, “Throughout the year, I’ll go to different shows around the USA and Canada looking for product. I’ll look for designs that are on trend, things nobody has, or plants that you can’t find anywhere else. Plants are very on-trend right now. People want to connect with nature – so this is a way to bring the outdoors in.”

With a fine attention to detail Pam’s Flower Garden caters to a range of events. From weddings, dinners, convocation and everything in between – they even decorated Elton John’s dressing room twice!

When asked about their favourite functions Pam shares, “I love weddings – hands down. Any events at the Tett Centre, Renaissance Event Venue, or waterfront hotels are beautiful. We love collaborating with event organizers and tying in their colour palettes into arrangements.”

The shop also creates arrangements for special events at Queen’s University – decorating unique and historic venues like the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts or buildings on campus. High vaulted ceilings, exposed limestone walls, and the lively energy from students always provides inspiration to them. 

“I love student-driven events at Queen’s University. Special occasions like Convocation, class reunions, and homecomings are fantastic. Being around the students is so refreshing and lively,” Jeff says.

When asked to describe the store in a phrase Pam explains, “It’s refreshing! I think plants and flowers make people happy. We’re located by office buildings and we’ll always get regulars coming in during their lunch breaks. It’s a great way to relax and refresh yourself.”

The most important aspect of running a successful business are the team members – and Pam’s Flower Garden is no exception.

“One thing people should know is that our staff are genuinely happy to be here. We have people who have been dedicated to the shop for more than 30 years (even if they just come back part time for the holidays). We try really hard with our customer service and welcome each person who comes through our doors. We want to make sure everybody is happy with what they purchase.”


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You can visit Pam’s Flower Garden at 793 Princess Street and keep up to date by visiting their website, Facebook, or Instagram.