Kingston’s Live: A Podcast Dedicated to YGK’s Live Music Scene

By Tianna Edwards

Kingston music lovers, we’ve got a new podcast to add to your playlist!

Now more than ever it’s time to recognize that the music scene in Kingston is booming. If you’re not already aware, Kingston is the breeding ground for incredible bands that have touched the hearts of live audiences around the world. We are all familiar with The Tragically Hip and Headstones, but the list goes on with bands like PS I Love You originating in the #YGK, and The Glorious Sons who have been taking the world by storm and even opened for The Rolling Stones on tour in France.

Just like local foodies boasting about our culinary scene (have you heard that we have more restaurants per capita than any other city in Canada?), Kingston music artists are more than happy to brag about the abundance of live shows and incredible musical talent available in this city.

Kingston has a lot to take pride in when it comes to our musicians and venues. So, it seems very appropriate to start capturing this excitement with a dedicated podcast that celebrates Kingston’s musical accomplishments. You’re not too late to tune into what is happening with our thriving music scene. In fact, you’re right on time.

The Kingston Live podcast launched in January and offers up behind-the-scenes insight into the Kingston music scene whether you’re already familiar with our local artists or if you want to learn more.

You can find out where to catch your favourite band next, which venues have the best live sound as well as insights on the Canadian music scene in general. The first episode features Executive Producer and local Kingstonian, Rob Howard, who has lived in bigger cities like Toronto and Calgary and chose Kingston because he considers it the musical capital with its abundance of fantastic venues and live music.

Rob shares his reasons behind launching Kingston Live. Hosts Johnny San and Riley Jabour also interview musician and filmmaker Jay Middaugh whose 2017 movie, Live in Kingston, inspired the name of the podcast. Jay talks about the production of his film that features 12 live music performances in Kingston as well as his favourite live venues.

The episode closes with an interview with Jonas and Karl of The Wilderness. These bandmates touch on their latest EP, Seminary Road as well as what they love about open mic nights at downtown venue, Musiikki. They also define what it means to have a “Kingston sound” with a shout out to hometown darlings, The Glorious Sons.

In the second episode, which will be live at the beginning of February, Johnny and Riley share their favourite places in Kingston to listen to live music and chat with Nick Babcock about his role on CTV’s The Launch as well as his west-end Kingston childhood.

Bif Naked will fill Johnny and Riley in on her new book. And with the Kingston Canadian Film Festival just around the corner, director Marc Garniss drops in.

Look out for new podcasts every month to stay up to date on the Kingston music scene! The Kingston Live podcast is now syndicated to all major podcast platforms. Find them wherever you get your podcasts and make sure to subscribe: Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunesTuneIn and Stitcher. You can also follow them on Instagram.

Get the inside scoop on Kingston’s live music scene and check out the latest music festivals and events on our music site.