Guide to creating a farm-fresh & local Easter dinner

By Cassandra Mercier

Time to get the family together! As we are approaching the Easter holiday you might be wondering what to make for Easter dinner. It’s hard enough with all the allergies and food preferences your family might have. We are here to help by showing you our local favourites for getting everything you need to make your perfect meal.

Easter dinner isn’t just about the turkey anymore. It’s time to explore other options like porchetta, prime rib, smoked ham, vegetarian options, and more. Our local recommendations will offer you flavourful side dishes. Are you stuck on what to do for your vegan guests and gluten-free guests? No worries, we have a list of local gems that will help you host a variety of preferences.

The main course

Enright Cattle Company

326 Hunt Rd.

Craving beef? Then Enright is the perfect option for you! They specialize in everything beef offering you the perfect variety to shake things up a little. Enright is a fourth-run cattle farm that is devoted to its community. Sustainability comes first, along with doing what it takes to provide top-quality meat and little to no waste. It’s a no-brainer! Enright also sells beef bones if you want to venture into making your own stock for the best homemade gravy. Learn more and order online.

Recommended: filet mignon, brisket, and prime rib

Barriefield Meat Market

760 15. Unit 7

Barriefield Meat Market is known for their holiday turkey hotline, but they have more than just turkey. They are a grade A butcher shop that specializes in top quality Ontario meats and prepared goods. Everything is sourced exclusively from local Ontario farms. They specialize in grade dry-aged beef, all local AAA cuts of beef, air chilled chicken, fresh Ontario pork, local lamb, certain game meats, and everything in between. One of the most appealing parts of this meat market is that they will source anything you need. Take a look at their Easter & Passover section

Recommended: AAA black angus prime rib roast, rack of lamb, and whole turkey or turkey breasts

Haanover View Farms

4062 Blessington Rd, Marysville.

Nothing beats a nice porchetta for Easter dinner. When it comes to pork products, Haanover is the choice! They are a family farm, producing ecologically raised pork, grass-fed beef, and rabbit. Value, flavour, and peace of mind are what they provide.

Find them at the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market. Orders for pick up can be made from Tuesday at noon – Thursday at 8 pm. Pick-up is available on Sundays, 9:30 am – 1:30 pm and delivery is available on Sundays,1:30 – 3:30 pm. You can also find Haanover products at Pig & Olive. See what’s available through the Memorial Centre Farmers’ Market.

Recommended: smoked bone-in ham, pork belly slab, frenched pork chops, pork butt roast, and pork loin

Mike Mundell’s

235 Gore Road, Unit 3.

We can’t forget about Fish Friday. Easter Good Fridays are meant for fish so why not stop by Mike Mundell’s for some fish and seafood? They have an Easter takeaway package, but you can pick your own fish to take home to make.

Recommended: salmon, cod, halibut, and live lobsters

The farms that bring you side dishes

Patchwork Gardens

4649 Milburn Rd, Battersea

When you think of side dishes there is no better local produce than Patchwork Gardens! This collaboration between two farming families sustainably grows the most nutrient-dense, best-tasting vegetables. Patchwork Gardens began with the idea that food should be grown locally and sustainably, grown without toxic chemicals. Nothing feels better than crunching into a carrot that is 100% good for you. During this time of year, there isn’t a lot in terms of seasonality, but there are some heartier side dish options. Products can be purchased at Tara’s Natural Foods, Pan Chancho, and Daughters General Store.

Recommended: red fingerling potatoes, onions, carrots, beets (red, candy and orange), and coleslaw mix


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Forman Farms

4040 Brewers Mills Rd.

Forman farms is located in Seeley’s Bay and offers top-notch produce. They are growing fresh, nutritious food that you and your family can rely on, especially on Easter weekend. Much like Patchwork Gardens, seasonality needs to be taken into consideration, but they are a great option for things like smashed potatoes, maple-glazed carrots, and having herbs for the turkey. Order online.

Recommended: rosemary, thyme, fingerling potatoes, garlic bulbs, heirloom carrots, and radishes


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Collective Joy Farm

477 MacDonnell St.

New to Kingston is Collective Joy Farms. They are a new kind of farm – a small, indoor farm that is built to supply fresh, high-quality produce. Right now, it’s a small operation but their hydroponic lettuces would be great for any holiday salad, nutrient-rich microgreens for garnish, fresh herbs for the meat and side dishes, and edible flowers if you are really looking to make your food pop.

Recommended: lettuce, micro greens, and fresh fruit juices

Joe Deodato & Family

598 Cataraqui Dr.

Although not a farm, Joe Deodato is a great option in terms of ordering produce for your dinner. They deliver your order right to your door; no having to go to the grocery store and deal with lines and product shortages. Joe Deodato & Family are continuing the family tradition of being a quality produce supplier. They have more than just produce, they have fresh baked goods available plus decadent sweets. Feel free to order dessert at the same time! Order online.

Recommended: russet potatoes, green beans, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, a variety of mushrooms, and their Easter produce boxes (ranging between $70 – $80)

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free

Knifey + Spooney

89 Colburn St. & Memorial Market (select days only)

Do you have a vegan amongst the group? Owners Radford and Christina are offering a complete meal for one, or to feed a family (4-8 servings). In addition to this you can also purchase full-size tourtière and lemon meringue pie.

Pickup day will be April 7 from 3 – 5 pm at Next Church. They can also arrange pickup or delivery at alternate times-reach out if you need it! Orders are due by April 3. Order online.

Recommended: tourtière, scalloped potatoes, spring green salad, and lemon meringue pie

Daughters General Store

63 John St.

Daughters General Store is your one-stop shop for all your eaters. In addition to prepared gluten-free and vegan options, they are a great place to get niche brands and products. Daughters is a family-owned small business curating a thoughtful selection of comfort foods and necessities that are sourced locally, from the GTA, and beyond. Daughters is a welcoming store to people from all walks of life and is deeply connected to the local community.

Recommended: vegan smoked bacon, No Whey easter chocolates, a large assortment of non-alcoholic beers, vegan meats and cheeses, and gluten-free pastas and sauces.

Tara’s Natural Foods

81 Princess St.

Tara’s is another great spot for all your diners with dietary preferences or restrictions! Located in the heart of downtown Kingston, Tara’s opened in 1972 and has been serving the community healthy and hard-to-find local products ever since. This is a staple of the Kingston community! Order online for pickup.

Recommended: gluten-free bread, flours, baking items, plant-based butter and baking items, vegan meats, cheeses, and local produce from farms.

For those looking for vegetarian fare, Kingston is a well-known destination. Explore this selection of vegetarian and vegan friendly options.

The baked goods

Bread & Butter Bakery

1530 Bath Rd.

Bread & Butter is a family-run bake shop that has been providing Kingston with amazing bread and baked goods for over 20 years. Don’t stress about making your own dessert, stop by and get some amazing baked goods and spend the extra time with your family.

Recommended: hot cross buns, breakfast pastry selection, easter basket cake, cheese trays, sourdough bread, dinner rolls

We are here to help by showing you our local favourites for getting everything you need to make your perfect meal.  

Pan Chancho Bakery

44 Princess St.

Pan Chancho is a staple in downtown Kingston. Their bread is a real treat and their pastry chefs serve up some of the best desserts in the city. Pan Chancho always has holiday goods and deals available to be purchased online. It’s a great spot to go if you are looking to purchase a premade or ready to cook meal for you and your family. Online orders need to be placed 48 hours before pickup is requested. Order online.

Recommended: carrot cake, brown sugar glazed easter ham, easter cupcakes, hot cross buns, quiche, olive rosemary bread, and croissants.