Insider itinerary: Ben Bowen of Stoked Sauna Co.

By Visit Kingston

Ben Bowen of Stoked Sauna

We recently launched Kingston’s first outdoor winter spa. Our vision was to bring Nordic traditional sauna and cold exposure to our community. Nordic countries have been using heat and cold exposure to optimize physical and mental wellness for thousands of years. We wanted to create this in an outdoor community setting in order to bring people together. The last few years I have been exploring my own personal wellness journey. I’ve found that adding elements of sauna and cold exposure has greatly improved my long-term outcomes while creating much better sleep and decreased stress. We all need a mission. Mine is to shine a spotlight on routines and activities that optimize our length and quality of life.

Ben’s favourite things to do in Kingston.

1. Skating at the rink in Springer Market Square

2. Hiking on the KP Trail


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3. A beautiful dinner in downtown Kingston

I prefer to go to the Frontenac Club for the “Frontenmacburger” made from Wagyu beef or to Tango Nuevo for their lamb tacos.

4. Gord Edgar Downie Pier

The pier is a great place to jump into the lake early spring or late fall. In the summer months our kids love to jump off the pier with their friends.

Gord Downie Pier

5. Kingston Frontenacs games

6. A cold plunge in Lake Ontario

I’ll go in the lake 12 months of the year. I prefer it between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This experience is best served with good friends.

Complete the sentence: Kingston makes me ….
feel grateful to be able to raise my family in such a beautiful community.

If Kingston had a theme song, it would be…
a Tragically Hip song.


Describe Kingston in three words.


Stoked Sauna

You can book a Stoked Sauna Co.’s “Stoke and Chill” experience at the Frontenac Club’s enclosed patio Thursdays through Sundays until April 2. This 75-minute experience guides users through sauna bathing, cold plunging, and post-sauna relaxation beside a fire pit. You can book Stoke and Chill as a standalone experience or stay at the Frontenac Club for a post-sauna meal. A select number of Kingston hotels offer Stoke and Chill packages with overnight stays.