Tim Forbes captures weddings’ unscripted moments

Choosing a photographer is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your wedding because the photos impact how you’ll remember the day for years to come. You’re choosing someone to visually capture the connection between you and your spouse, your special moments with loved ones, and the unique feeling you’ve worked so hard to create with meticulous planning—it’s a tall order.

Not for Tim Forbes, who’s been wowing couples with his stunning wedding photography since 2005 when he offered to shoot some friends’ weddings for free. “I discovered that I loved shooting the unscripted parts of the day the most. I decided to seek out more weddings where the couples wanted documentary-style ‘fly-on-the-wall’ photos.”

A true professional, Tim’s come a long way since his humble beginnings and now operates his own company, Forbes Photographer. With 400+ weddings under his belt and showing no signs of slowing down, Tim says he’s inspired by grabbing onto the subtle little connections that happen between couples and their loved ones throughout the day: “It never gets boring because I’m surprised every time.”

A keen observer, Tim works to capture the unique feeling of each wedding he shoots with patience and attention to detail. “To me, good wedding photography is light, composition, and moment all coming together to surprise the viewer or give them something to relate to.” Tim continues, “I tend to find a composition that speaks to me and that is lit nicely, then I set up there and wait for something interesting to happen within that frame.”

Tim’s consulting process starts with a meeting at his studio to see if there is a good fit between himself and the couple, then it’s as simple as booking the wedding day. Other details like printing and framing are taken care of at a premiere session after the wedding, once the photos are ready to view.

Tim’s care for his craft is evident, but so is his devotion to ensuring his clients are satisfied: “I just want my clients to want to have a good time, and to see themselves in their photos simply enjoying the company of their loved ones. I want them to trust me to run and sweat to get photos of them being loved on by their peeps.”

When asked about his favourite Kingston wedding venue he replied, “I always love weddings with access to Fort Henry. It’s so fun to wander through the limestone looking for cool little pools of light and shadow. Sometimes I’ve had the Fort Henry Guard on hand to feature in the photos.”

Fort Henry is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Kingston’s beautiful and compact downtown radiates history, with beautiful limestone buildings and gorgeous streetscapes perfect for wedding photos. Its waterfront is a picturesque backdrop more than up to the task of setting the scene for your special day, and Tim Forbes will be ready and waiting to capture the moment.

Forbes Photographer

118 Colborne Street
Kingston, Ontario

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