Creative Nest wants to put your wedding on the silver screen

Your wedding is a day you’ll never forget. A magical evening surrounded by the love of your life, family and friends celebrating your next chapter together. But after months of planning for the big day, it can be hard to just move on once it’s over. 

It’s the impetus behind Creative Nest’s wedding films. Unwind, let go, and enjoy your day. Creative Nest’s videographers are on the scene capturing everything. 

“We knit together the whole day into one beautiful keepsake,” says Tanya Trombetta of Creative Nest. “The average length of our wedding films is 9 to 12 minutes and includes everything from the bride getting ready to speeches, songs and the first dance, plus everything in between.”

A wedding film is all about the big picture, capturing the behind the scenes events and zeroing in on candid moments that can’t always be translated through just a photo. But there’s no need for acting classes, and there’s no directing involved. Tayna and her team capture your big day authentically and honestly and distill it down to a cinematic masterpiece that will have you contemplating renting out The Grand to screen it on your anniversary year after year.

Kingston vendors are well-rounded. They aren’t often devoted exclusively to weddings like vendors in bigger cities can be; as a result, they have lots of experience to bring to the table. “Plus, we all know each other,” says Tanya. “We know how we work, and I’ve found that existing relationship brings a sense of ease to weddings.”

Favourite accommodation: All Suites Whitney Manor is so good for bride prep. It’s such a gorgeous, classical spot — there’s not a bad angle or poor lighting in the entire place. It’s perfect if the whole party is staying there. Kingston’s such a close city, many parties will rent the Kingston Trolley to take them to the ceremony venue.

Favourite spot to shoot: Queen’s Campus! It’s a diamond mine of beautiful spots. You get a good idea of what Kingston looks like at Queen’s. It’s kind of iconic, and it’s so well maintained. St. John’s church on campus has this balcony in its clocktower, and if you can brave the heights, it makes for a perfect shot.

What to know: Think of the logistics of getting from point A, B, and C. It makes everyone’s lives easier if you change venues throughout the day. Plus, you aren’t wasting valuable footage time while we’re all in cars. The Kingston Trolley can be done up for weddings and seats a large group. It’s like a seamless transition from the hotel to the ceremony to the reception!


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Why Kingston?: We aren’t a huge city so you’ll appreciate the slower more relaxed pace on one of the most stressful days of your life. And with so much to do, it’s easy for your guests to make a weekend or a mini-holiday out of your big day.

Ready to set your wedding to film?

While you have the option to purchase the raw footage of the entire 8 hours the Creative Nest team are on site, Tanya doesn’t believe it’s necessary. “Your footage is meticulously edited down to include everything you want to see as a treasured memory. You’ll be surprised how much can fit inside a 10-minute video.” 

Creative Nest offers additional add-on packages to capture even more, make sure you outline what you’re looking for when you plan your First Date Skype Call with Tanya.

Videography is all set, how about some tasty treats for you and your guests? Talk to Audrey Brown from CocoaBistro about custom chocolates.

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