Historic Downtown

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About Historic Downtown

Downtown Kingston is the hub of prime attractions including Kingston City Hall and Springer Market Square. Parts of the original carriageway from City Hall to the market area remain. Princess Street has vintage storefronts and could pass for Smalltown, Anywhere, while the café patios off Brock Street’s brick roads have a European feel, as do alleyways such as eclectic, art-themed Martello Alley.

The area includes historic brick, stone, and limestone buildings dating back to the early 19th century, including three George Browne designed with distinctive rounded corners. The period feeling is reinforced by Rochleau Court with its narrow walkways and surrounding stores such as Cooke’s Fine Foods, which has been operating since 1865. The 1902 Grand Theatre boasts a 41′ wide proscenium arch and orchestra pit in its main hall and a smaller black-box theatre.

Addition Photos Available

Additional photos to print are available at the Kingston Film Office’s SmugMug Library.

Additional Photos Available

Additional photos are available at the Kingston Film Office Photo Library.

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