Where To Find The 8 Most Instagrammable Foods In Kingston

By Kate Farrell
Food is about sharing, and the amazing cuisine in Kingston makes sharing that much more delicious. Besides sharing, food brings people together, and at the end of the day, it’s all about the memories. But of course, like everything today, we decided to take that sharing to the next level. It seems now we can’t even take a bite out of our food before taking a picture of it. We wait hours in line for crazy food trends just so we can post a picture and say we were there. No longer do you have to be a famed food blogger or professional photographer to take a dope photo of your food. But what food to pick? Where to go?

Kingston’s unbelievable food scene is here to save the day and your Instagram feed.  In the 613 you’ll have no trouble finding some fresh, delicious food for that perfect picture. And don’t worry, it obviously tastes just as good as it looks. But don’t take our word, go out and try it for yourself.


292 Princess St.

After leaving this legendary spot on Princess, grilled cheese will never be the same. Gone are the days when you can just toss a sad piece of cheddar on two slices of bread and call it a “meal”. At MLT DWN (or Melt Down, if you’re fancy) they’re serving drool-worthy creations that will have everyone on your feed double tapping. Some highlights include the Lasagna Grilled Cheese (with homemade lasagna stuffed inside), Beef Brisket Grilled Cheese (with caramelized onion, provolone, swiss, and garlic truffle mayo on rye), and of course, the Grilled Cheese stuffed with Mac and Cheese.


Pan Chancho

44 Princess St.

Pan Chancho is the cafe/bakery of your aesthetically pleasing dreams. This Kingston hot spot is bringing European charm to YGK. Even better? Their food is made in-house from scratch daily using fresh ingredients and locally sourced products — so yes, that crisp croissant will be looking extra fresh on your feed. Some of our favourites include, “Our Dutch Baby”, skillet baked pancake with apples, blue cheese and apple butter. “The Burger” with fried mushrooms and Gruyere served with patates frites and chive aioli. And finally, “Poutine Bravas” with patates frites, spicy chorizo, a poached egg, cheddar curds, and smoked paprika gravy.


Northside Espresso

281 Princess St.

Before we even stepped foot in this new Australian inspired cafe, all we heard were rave reviews about how beautiful it is. Add in the fact that the food is seasonal, fresh, and as locally sourced as possible, this cafe invites you to sit down and get away from the busyness of life in the most comfortable way possible. Baked French Toast with mascarpone cheese, Avo Smash (avocado toast with feta, mint, lemon and Thai chilis) are guaranteed to make your feed pop.

Bayview Farm Kingston

4085 Bath Road

Bayview Farm in Collin’s Bay isn’t only a restaurant, but the home of Clark Day, and trust us, you’ve never had a home cooked meal like this. The food is better described as art, and there isn’t one thing on this menu that wouldn’t make anyone scrolling through Insta drool. Some of the standouts from the menu are the Garam Masala Maple Duck Breast & Udon Noodles in Thai Coconut Broth, the House Made Spaghettini with basil and garlic scape pesto and of course, the elm smoked Arctic char mousseline. Caption? #Boujee.

Kame Sushi & Bento

156 Division St.

Kame is one of the hidden gems in Kingston that never fails to satisfy. It’s a favourite among students for its affordable prices and high quality, large portioned sushi. It also has some lesser known menu items that make it a stand out among other sushi spots in Kingston. We’re talking about their fresh poke and sushi burritos. Forget about your average sushi pic, it’s time to take it to the next level.


Fat Cat Cookies

Custom online ordering

If you’ve run out of things to say “AW!” at, no worries.  Fat Cat Cookies is here. Switch up the cute dog pics with pictures of adorable, custom decorated sugar cookies by Kat Elizabeth. This local business doesn’t have a storefront, but according to their Facebook page, orders for the 613 are opening in 2018! Email fatcatbakeshop@gmail.com for more info.


Geneva Crepe Cafe Bistro

297 Princess St.

No longer do you need to hop on a plane to Europe to get a taste of your favourite crêpe. Geneva Crêpe Café Bistro has been serving their famous crepes since 2010 and Kingston has definitely taken notice not only of their flavour but their aesthetic appeal (double tap approved). Go savoury with their signature crêpe, The Bombay, with chicken, cranberries, coconut, almond, celery, and apples all tossed in mild curry sauce. Or maybe keep it simple and sweet with a Deep Dutch Brownie Sundae on a crêpe or waffle. Whatever you pick, just make sure to get a picture for you devour it.


Harpers Burger Bar

93 Princess St.

Our favourite kind of clean eating picture? A clean, crisp picture of a beautifully loaded cheesy burger. Enter Harper’s Burger Bar. Delicious beef, turkey, salmon, chickpea, and portobello burgers are just the start of your Insta journey here. Add in a picture of some Pig Poutine with pulled pork, ‘Black River’ cheese curds, gravy, maybe a boozy float, and your feed will be fire.