Together at Home: The Makers of Kingston, Week 1

By Visit Kingston

Visit Kingston invited the makers of Kingston to take over our channels to perform a concert, showcase their artistry, guide parents through a craft for kids, and share their passion and creativity with the city and beyond. Participating artists will be compensated with an honorarium.

Check out our Instagram each day at 1:30 pm to experience a bit of Kingston from the comfort and safety of your home and follow along online.

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Cam and Boris from Kasador

Monday March 23, 1:30 pm

Kasador band

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Kingston-based alt-rock outfit Kasador spent their first three years cutting their teeth on the road, garnering attention from their engaging and high-energy live performances. Duelling vocals and dynamic guitars delivered by Will Hunter and Cam Wyatt offer depth and versatility, while Boris Baker and Stephen Adubofuor provide a strong base for the band, rooted in rock and funk.

Lisa Morrissey of Dragonfly Handmade

Tuesday March 24, 1:30 pm

Lisa Morrissey

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Lisa Morrisey of Dragonfly Handmade is inspired by the natural landscape, using reclaimed wood from fallen trees and even pallets or discarded furniture to create wood slice artwork. “I choose to see the beauty in everything,” she says. “I never intended it to be any more than a hobby and a relaxing outlet, but piece after piece given to friends, then purchased after my initial craft show, encouragement and support from people around me led me to believe I could really let me creativity soar.”

Jonas Lewis-Anthony from The Wilderness

Wednesday March 25, 1:30 pm

Jonas from The Wilderness

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Jonas Lewis-Anthony is the frontman of local indie sextet The Wilderness. For more than five years The Wilderness have been touring North America with over 400 shows under their belts. While the members are from all over the world (including a Brit, a Frenchman, two Americans, and two Canadians), The Wilderness are proud to call Kingston, Ontario home.

Christine Jamieson of Found and Lost Art

Thursday March 26, 1:30 pm

Christine Jamieson

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Kingston-based Found and Lost Art owner Christine Jamieson is a curious designer, artist, and illustrator with a passion for creating things that make people smile. “No idea what I’ll create next, but always game for a new challenge. From watercolours to textile designs to mixed media creations, I try to tie it all together with a willingness to indulge my imagination.”  Christine will lead a fun animal illustration for kids and will make colouring sheets of her quirky and charming animal illustrations available for free via download.


Spencer Evans

Friday March 27, 1:30 pm


Originally from Picton and the Quinte area, Spencer came to Kingston to study music at Queen’s University in the 1980s. He plays keyboard and clarinet, and sings many styles of songs as a full-time entertainer on the Island Queen. He has toured across Canada, the United States, and Europe, and worked with notable musicians such as Cowboy Junkies, Sarah Harmer, Jill Barber, Jeff Healey, and others playing jazz, funk, soul, rock and roll, swing, blues, classic pop tunes, reggae, klezmer salsa, and as a “piano man,” just about any request.

Bon Evans

Saturday March 28, 1:30 pm

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Bon Evans is a Kingston-based singer songwriter who performs songs that are often compared to Jack Johnson, Cat Stevens, and Bob Seger. “He writes about good times and making sense of the struggles we all face in life” – something we could all use right now. Touring across Canada since 2018, his outgoing and affable personality connects with audiences while his heartfelt stories and songs leave people wanting more.

Adele Webster & Rhonda Evans of Glocca Morra Studio

Sunday March 29, 1:30 pm

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Glocca Morra Studios, led by Adele Webster and Rhonda Evans, focuses on the artforms of liquid pouring, felting, and mixed media in their studios at The Tett Centre and their Farmhouse Studios. They frequently lead hands-on workshops that engage participants in these mediums with stunning – colourful – results.