The Silver Screen takes over Downtown Kingston

By Jason Manuge

Since 2001, the Kingston Canadian Film Festival has been a central part of Kingston’s arts and culture scene.  The festival provides a chance for film enthusiasts from around the country–and around the world–a chance to take a glimpse into the creative minds of Canadian filmmakers.
This year’s festival includes over 50 feature and short films, which is a fivefold increase over the number of films that were being shown when the festival first began.  The Screening Room, The Grand Theatre, and even City Hall will be showing films this year. Spanning four days, multiple genres, and even several languages, there are films worth seeing no matter who you are. Did I mention that over 6000 people are expected to show up?
Click here to watch a video about the Kingston Canadian Film Festival’s mission.
Having the chance to see some captivating Canadian productions come to life is sensational in and of itself. Seeing Canada’s unique cultural influences come to life on the silver screen is a captivating experience, and it’s exciting to share the same room as people who are as passionate about Canadian films as the people that produce them.

The Grand Theatre will be showing a lot of the films on display
The Grand Theatre will be showing a lot of the films on display

The four-day event opened up on the evening of February 27th with the multiple award-winning French language film Gabrielle being the first feature to be screened. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Gabrielle was screened in the Special Presentation section at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival.
Gabrielle was followed by a catered celebration at Tangota Nuevo to commemorate the official launch of the 2014 Kingston Canadian Film Festival. It was an opportunity to mingle with other moviegoers, and to really gauge the high level of interest in Canadian cinema.
Over the course of the weekend, there are a lot of great films being screened. In many cases, films are being screened at more than one show time, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on something that you’d really like to see. There are also films for all ages, so why not make it a family affair?

Downtown Kingston is well-decorated for the KCFF.
Downtown Kingston is well-decorated for the KCFF.
I’m looking forward to seeing a few movies over the course of the weekend, too. It’s too early to make my picks, but I know of one film that I have to see.
Since I’ve always been a fan of underdog movies, The Dirties is on my shortlist of films to see at the KCFF. It’s another award-winning film that takes an unusual and creative approach to telling the story of two bullied high school students who turn the tables on their tormentors. I just can’t say no to a dramedy.
One of my favourite things about going to a film festival is that there’s always an opportunity to meet some of the men and women involved in making the movies come to life, and the KCCF is no exception.
There are a lots of special guests this year. From actors and actresses, to composers, directors, and visual effects artists, you’ll have the chance to meet some of the creative minds that worked to make their films come to life.
Don’t miss out on the 2014 Kingston Canadian Film Festival, it’s an experience worth having. If you don’t already have tickets, fear not. Rush tickets are available prior to each screening, but make sure you show up early to get a great seat.