The Last of Summer Sips and Sundresses

By Claire Bouvier

The rain stopped and the masses poured in for the second annual Mackinnon Brothers Brewing Festival, #BacktotheFarm! The Back to the Farm Festival has quickly become a hotspot for the best beer, food, and music – and a place to find some of Kingston’s fashion trendsetters.


Curating the perfect festival outfit can be tricky when you’re trying to balance a look of style and comfort. It’s even more difficult when there is conflicting weather changes. But even after a heavy rain, our fashionistas/fashionisters seamlessly embraced the rain and created stylish looks that highlighted summer’s best while introducing some of fall’s new looks.


Meet Kingston’s alternative pop singer Rae Corcoran of Needless Love Endorsement, as she rocks a simple British-inspired look for the stage. Rae’s white t-shirt dress from Kingston’s Agent 99 and her black rubbers are well complimented with her black nails, red lips and round shades. Let’s also not forget to take in that stylish blonde, blunt hairstyle that makes Rae’s look complete. Bonus points for rocking the ever-edgy “I don’t care” roots!


After a fantastic set by Needless Love Endorsement, I had the chance to photograph entrepreneur and co-owner Niki Hodgskiss of The Loft Girls Fashion Mobile Truck. Niki’s style always airs on the casual and industrial side. She keeps a simple look of ripped jeans and white top that allows the handmade wrap choker to be a statement piece by our local Vanderzee Jewelry.


Once inside the truck, I had the chance to talk to Sarah from Picton’s very own Acoustic Grill. She was delighted to start her fall shopping with a camel brown floppy hat to mix with her neutral tone fall collection while sipping on a tasty Red Fox by Mackinnon Brothers. If you get the chance, shop the pink truck, The Loft Girls, and get a sneak peek into the best fall fashion finds of 2016.


As late afternoon rolled in, so did the sun and hundreds of more festival-goers. I couldn’t help notice this young man’s simple yet cosmopolitan and urban flair, as he made his way through the excited crowd.

Michael has recently settled down in Kingston after years of travelling and working as a musician, artist and catering chef. Michael’s look was born out of functionality and style. Fortunately it was cool enough to premier this off-white Matinique fishermen knitted sweater, which pairs perfectly with Zaneroble drop-crotch camo pants.



Meet Ashley (above), Joana (left), Heather (right). If anyone perfectly captured the youthful energy that people often associate with music festivals, it was these lovely young women. I loved spending time chatting with these bohemian beauties as they danced around the festival grounds. Denim, shawls and colourful sundresses bring a late 60’s throwback look that is the perfect staple for any music festival.


Beards. They will never go out of style. They keep getting better every season. Eric takes home the best beard of the festival.

As the late August evening rolled in, you could feel the beginning of the fall breeze settle in as Busty and the Bass played into the night. Festival season may be coming to a close but it’s just the beginning of fall fashion looks!

I’m excited to see what the stylish Kingstonians will be pulling out of their closets for Fall 2016!