The Holiday Country Manor Finds New Energy In an Old Space

By Tianna Edwards

“Watch your step! The house is hilly,” warns new co-owner, Jeff Day, of the Holiday Country Manor as he tours us around the 178 year-old space.

The Holiday Country Manor, originally owned by the founder of Battersea, Henry Van Luven, has shifted through owners throughout the years but has remained a consistent place for fishers to rest their heads. New owners Jeff Day and Core Lee are hoping to elevate the space and attract not only the locals in Battersea but Kingstonians and those looking to escape the big city. “We thought we’d put a new spin on an old property,” says Day.

A year and a half ago while visiting Jeff’s family, the two started eyeing The Holiday Country Manor and before they knew it they were the owners of a 22 bedroom bed and breakfast. “It took us two minutes to make the decision,” Day says. “We could see the potential.”
Day, a native of the area, has a background in hospitality. Lee has culinary experience as well as a construction background. Who better to take on such a large task? Both have lived in Toronto for years and were ready for a new country adventure. Safe to say, they’ve got one.

They’ve added fresh ideas and experiences for guests and locals. Last summer, they transformed an outdoor storage space into an ice cream parlour. Their Sunday brunch, open to the public, is always a hit.  “It used to be private. Guests only. None of the locals had been in the house,” says Day. “People came in for breakfasts simply because they had never been in here before.”

They’ve also launched a regular “Wine and Dine with your Spirits” night during that allows guests to connect with lost ones through a Medium after enjoying a three-course meal. Their Murder Mystery dinners and dinners for the public feature Lee’s specialty of the day.

Last summer they launched live music on the porch every Thursday night and will continue that this summer. Being so close to the unique hiking trails of northern Kingston, they are also hoping to offer self-guided walking tours this summer with details of the area. To add to their summer agenda, they plan to give guests pre-packed picnics to take on the canoes across to the island or to the beach. Did I mention it is a waterfront property?

We wake up to the sweet and savoury smells of eggs benedict and French toast wafting through the house and find Day and Lee in the dining room preparing for service. They clearly have a passion for their new business and with that much love, The Holiday Country Manor is bound to become something special.
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