Studio22: Art Gallery for All

By Tianna Edwards

If you’re familiar with Kingston, you’ve likely visited one of its most charming attractions downtown, Springer Market Square. It is home to some of the most picture-perfect moments. Whether or not you’re acquainted with this popular landmark, I’d like to introduce you to a unique destination that overlooks the Hallmark moments captured in the square and equally holds the spirit of the Limestone City – Studio22.

Perhaps you’ve seen its shiny gold sign in art deco font on the northside of King Street beaming on a sunny day? Next time take a look inside and you’ll find a curation of Canadian art made up of work by 50% local artists and 50% artists from across Canada. Rest assured, you won’t be walking into a stuffy gallery filled with pieces that are only made to be admired from afar. You will find work created by artists inspired by Kingston’s incredible community and Canada’s stunning landscapes.

Owners Hersh and Ally want to make original art accessible to everyone! Marketing and Communications Director, Nicole Bruce, shares the owners’ motto, “To like, or not to like, that is the only question that someone should ask themselves when purchasing art.”

And that means a few different things to a few different people. “The gallery does this by not only having unique pieces of art at every price point but by also providing options like rent to try and payment plan options for those in need. “We also offer a robust business art rental and purchasing program as well as free in-home art consultations,” explains Bruce. And for those who prefer to collect art from the comfort of their home, “We have an extensive online gallery shop where visitors can view and purchase artwork 24/7 and have it shipped directly to their door,” explains Bruce. She adds, “They [owners Hersh and Ally] are so passionate in their mission to have as many people as possible experience the joy of living with original art.”


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The artists featured range in style from bright and saturated oil paintings found in the work of Kingston artists, Erika Olson and the seasonal landscapes of Susan Oomen to intricate sculptors by Victor Oriecuia and unique three-dimensional pointillism by Teresa Mrozicka. You will find the work of more than 30 Canada artists!

Bruce shares their plans for this year, “We are calling our 2020 exhibition season the year of the Vision Idiom.” We have seven exhibition periods (all under a unique ‘vision idiom’), 10 featured solo shows, two group shows and Studio22’s first online exhibit and auction. Each show runs for approximately one month and is kicked off by a two-day preview and pre-sale for our valued subscribers (those that provide us with an email and sign up with us on our website).”


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