Kingston’s Unruly Kids: A CLUBKID DRAG SHOW

By Rosalyn Gambhir

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“I wanted to create my own world. A world full of color where everyone could play. One big party that never ends.” – Michael Alig
Get ready Kingston, because a show like no other is coming to town this Friday, April 25 at the Time to Laugh Comedy Club!
Unruly Kids, a Club Kid inspired drag show featuring Cerina Romanoff-Blake, Erika Steel, Tyffanie Morgan, Venus Darogue Morgan and Ricky Raunch Morgan, will be taking place with all their dazzle and flaunting their stuff as no gal needs an excuse to dress fabulous and have fun.
Singing, dancing and all that jazz, expect costume changes, elaborate face makeup and drag queens that shine in the spotlight. Exhilarated by the subculture of the 80’s and early 90’s in New York City and London, Unruly Kids pays homage to the Club Kids lifestyle cofounded by Michael Alig. It was an outlet to live your dreams and wildest fantasies, living for the moment and expressing yourself.

Nightclub promoter Lee Chappell, 1990 - Credit Alexis Di Biasio
Nightclub promoter Lee Chappell, 1990 – Credit Alexis Di Biasio

Club Kids’ boundary-pushing became so popular that even mainstream North America wanted a piece of the action – and the drag queens were right there with them. Everyone wanted to be a star and everyone could be a star, all you had to do was throw some glitter on. The environment created within clubs was that of a circus; defying rules, challenging limits, being unique, but most of all – being part of one big extended family, exactly as Tyffanie Morgan and her drag family are.

Tyffanie Morgan - Credit George Ian Bowles
Tyffanie Morgan – Credit George Ian Bowles
Tyffanie Morgan - Credit George Ian Bowles
Tyffanie Morgan – Credit George Ian Bowles

Tyffanie Morgan, Miss Gay Kingston and organizer of Unruly Kids recalls her first encounter with drag as being mesmerized by the stunning scene and becoming doe-eyed. Inspired by her drag mother and mentor Jas Morgan, Tyffanie aspired to have a bold expression of identity, learn the ins and outs of drag, and as per drag tradition – take her drag mother’s last name.
Mainly known for sporting a bob-cut hairstyle and dark lips, Tyffanie’s name was the result of getting her first head-to-toe makeover. With dress in hand, a Wynonna Judd-like wig on, make-up applied and no prior experience – as the chair spun around, a peculiar resemblance to 80’s pop-singer Tiffany peered back in the mirror.
Years later, this brassy drag queen has now become proud drag mother to the young progeny, Venus Darogue Morgan who hints that is was about time the vibrant city of Kingston was rewarded with another drag show.

It’s all about letting loose, creating personalities and being who you want to be on stage.

With Club Kids still in mind, their iconic style and philosophy of glamour and fashion will be remembered and flourish at the Unruly Kids event as five Queens in one charming city calls for a celebration of a blast from the past! But don’t worry, there’s no outlaw party here – just dance the night away until you’re kicked out! If you want a glimpse of what to expect, Party Monster might be the movie to watch tonight.

Unruly Kids sponsored by CFRC 101.9FM
Unruly Kids sponsored by CFRC 101.9FM

Event Information

Admission: $10
Tickets available at the door
Door opens at 9am.
Show starts at 10pm.
Visit Facebook event.

NEW Location

The Renaissance Event Venue
285 Queen Street, Kingston, Ontario