Kingston’s Korean Options

By Kate Farrell

From kimchi to Bibimbap, Korean cuisine (Hansik) has gained international popularity for its fresh seasonal ingredients and innovative flavour combinations. Sound familiar? Kingston’s culinary scene is always exploding with new dishes and fresh produce, so it’s only fitting that we have amazing Korean options to explore. Whether you live off Hoeddeok and Naengmyeon or you’re just dipping your feet into this delicious culture, your tastebuds won’t regret it.

GangNam Style

337 Princess Street

No, it’s not that catchy song you danced to in 2012, it’s the go-to spot in Kingston for delicious Korean dishes. The menu is made of exclusively Korean dishes, but it’s the quality of the dishes, lively k-pop filled atmosphere, and friendly service that keeps people coming back. Some of our favourites? The Bibimbap, Spicy Squid on a hot grill plate, Korean Fried Chicken, or the Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup!

Kame Sushi & Bento

156 Division Street

Don’t let the small exterior fool you, this Sushi/Korean restaurant is a local favourite for its authentic and fresh dishes. People may know them for their sushi, but their hidden gem is their Korean dishes like Bibimbap (try it with the spicy sauce for an extra kick), Bulgogi, and Hwae-Dup-Bap (sashimi rice bowl).


269 Princess Street

Specializing in Korean and Japanese dishes, Hwa-Ki is a perfect spot if you’re looking for an upscale casual Asian dinner downtown. The delicious dishes mixed with the sleek, dark wooded atmosphere will transport you off of Princess Street straight to Asia (no passport needed). Try the Bulgogi Bibimbap, Japchae Bap, Debokki for two, or kimchi fried rice!

SushiYa Zen

49 Princess Street 

Steps away from Market Square lies one of Kingston’s Japanese-Korean hotspots, SushiYa Zen. This hidden gem may not be so hidden any longer thanks to the rave reviews it’s getting from their customers. Hwae Dup Bap, Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Pork bone soup; we can’t get enough!

Podonamu 포도나무

264 Princess Street 

Podonamu has built a huge fanbase, attracting students and locals alike for their tasty, hearty fare. It’s an intimate spot with a warm atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to share their legendary chicken and Ddukgochi, or try out some Jeon, Kimbab, Kimchi Jigae, or Bulgogi! Pro-tip: go after 8 pm for their combo deals, each dish on the late-night menu comes with one bottle of Sou or Makgulli, or 3 bottles of beer.

Kingston Asian Super (KAS)

461-B1 Princess Street  

Your new must-visit grocery store, KAS has everything you need to whip up a Korean dish of your own. It’s a Korean foodie’s dream come true, with a variety of hot pot ingredients (frozen and fresh), dumplings, and so much more. 

Special thanks to the Queen’s Korean Student Association for their recommendations!

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