Kingston’s BYOW Restaurants You Need to Know About (Part 2)

By Kate Farrell

In our first post covering Kingston’s fabulous BYOW scene, we gave you a taste of the spots you need to hit up with your favourite vintage in hand. Now we’re pouring you a whole glass of options for an amazing meal out!

Far from the frat boy calls of a BYOB party, Bring-Your-Own-Wine has a unique luxurious quality that we can’t resist. You don’t have to cook but you can bring that bottle of sauvignon blanc you’ve been saving for a fancy occasion. It’s a winning combination. More and more restaurants are catching on to the growing trend and offering BYOW.

So grab that bottle from your wine rack, and enjoy!

Tango Nuevo

331 King Street East

Tango Nuevo knows the power of a special meal to bring people together. Tapas is literally centred around the idea of using food to create connection and conversation. Using local ingredients, Tango Nuevo has gained a fan following for their amazing tapas recipes in Kingston which fuse local and international ingredients.

$25 corkage fee for one 750ml bottle per reservation.


1 Johnson Street

You’re sitting overlooking beautiful Lake Ontario eating an amazing meal, you have your favourite people with you, and you’re in the heart of downtown Kinston at the Delta hotel. The only thing that could make this better? Finally having that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving. AquaTerra is the perfect place to finally raise a glass, especially with such a delicious menu to back it up. The kitchen always produces a delicious rotating menu featuring dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

$25 corkage fee

Sushiya Zen

49 Princess Street

Not feeling Sake? Not a problem at one of Kingston’s best sushi restaurants. Sushiya Zen was opened in 2008 and ever since has been drawing in fans for their Korean and Japanese fusion menu. Pop the cork on a dry rosé or Riesling and pair it with their classic sashimi and sushi or Donburi, Udon noodles, tempura, bulgogi, dorayaki and more.

$15 corkage fee

Casa Domenico

35 Brock Street

Going to Casa for a meal out is like entering your own little bubble of Italian bliss. Chef David Faroldi and his kitchen use only fresh ingredients to produce classic yet modern Italian fare. Add in the elegant, sleek atmosphere — not to mention a bottle of your favourite red or white — and you have an amazing night ahead of you.

$25 corkage fee, one bottle of wine per group.

Gnocchi al Gorgonzola with a view of my dream wine cellar 👌🏼🍷

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