Kingston’s Burger Bucket List

By Tianna Edwards

You can’t really go wrong with a good burger, especially when you know where to find the tastiest patties in Kingston. And vegans, don’t worry, there are a couple of recommendations in here for you, too! From traditional to non-traditional, you’ll find your next favourite.

Otter Creek

City Park and Spearhead Brewing Company

You can find this food truck parked in City Park during lunch hours on weekdays or at Spearhead Brewing Company! They use the best of the best when it comes to their beef — it’s wagyu! That means their cattle is given the best possible life with plenty of space to roam and fed only local hay. And the proof is in the product. These burgers are by far my favourite served between a soft and doughy brioche bun, Yum.

Bella Bistro

4050 Bath Road

Wednesday Burger Night at west end restaurant, Bella Bistro, is one of my favourite things to enjoy mid-week. They support local farmers and curate as much as they can locally so everything tastes so fresh. What I especially love about Burger Night are the veggie options. Every week is different but they’re always delicious and range from veggie patties that include mushrooms and barley to sweet potato, cauliflower or quinoa. They also make their own milk buns in-house and words can’t express how delicious they are! Plus, you don’t need to wait until Burger Night to get your hands on a classic burger at Bella, their main menu patties is also delicious.

Red House

369 King Street and 629 Fortune Crescent

Red House does a good job at elevating the classic burger with condiments like tomato relish, mustard mayo, aged cheddar, and an added crunch with crispy onions. If you want a traditional pub burger, Red House is your spot. They are located downtown and in the west end for your convenience.

Harper’s Burger Bar

93 Princess Street

The best part of Harper’s is the fact that you can eat here with a group of people with completely opposite tastes in burgers and everyone will leave happy. There is such a variety from the size of the patty to the different types of buns — pretzel, white, brown, gluten-free or lettuce for those carb-free burger lovers. They even carry the vegan Beyond Burger patties for meatless burger lovers — looks like meat, tastes a lot like meat but is made up of ingredients like beets and peas. And don’t get me started on the variety of toppings. Onion rings on my burger? Yes, please! I bought an out-of-towner here for a burger once and they said it tasted so good they would consider moving to Kingston just for regular trips to Harper’s.

Pan Chancho

44 Princess Street

A Kingston favourite. Pan Chancho is known for its delicious baked goods but should also be noted for its tasty burger. They use Enright Cattle Co. ground beef with Montreal steak spice and top it with classic ingredients like tomato, lettuce, pickles and red onion and then take it to the next level with a chive aïoli. I love a saucy burger so the aïoli is right up my alley!  

Chez Piggy

68 Rear Pricess Street

If Pan Chancho is on the list then, of course, we need to include Chez Piggy. They have the same owner and therefore the same level of top quality food and service. Chez Piggy brings a special spin to the regular burger by using lamb. They have a burger with Enright Cattle Co. beef as well, but why not go for the lamb? It has a roasted red pepper aïoli, minted chèvre and local greens a top a spicy lamb patty. Served on a pretzel bun from Pan Chancho bakery with a side of frites and carrot salad — gourmet!

Days on Front

730 Front Road

I am going to call this one the “bougie burger.” If you’re especially fancy and like prime ingredients like truffles but also love burgers, Days on Front in Kingston’s west end is the place for you. The patty is bacon and onion infused and topped with butter lettuce, tomato, aged cheddar, caramelized onions and yes, truffle mayo. No need to pass the ketchup for this burger.

Thank you Days on front for my lunch 😊 #daysonfront #supportlocalbusiness

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1 Johnson Street

AquaTerra has a reputation for producing the best of the best — I consider it a place to go when celebrating a milestone!  If you want the most elevated version of a basic burger, go to this high-end restaurant with waterfront views. They use prime cuts and condiments like tomato jam and roasted garlic aïoli as well as dijon mustard served on a brioche bun with butter lettuce and tomato. All that’s missing is its dramatic reveal on a shining silver platter.