Kingston Live, Episode 4: A Summary

By Tianna Edwards

Kingston Live is a monthly podcast that offers up behind-the-scenes insight into the Kingston music scene. If you’re looking to learn more about the city’s emerging artists and where to see them play live, you’ll find it here! If you’re a resident music lover or visitor looking for the inside scoop on Kingston’s local music scene, it’s a perfect fit for you, too.

Vinyl lovers, this one’s for you. Episode four is dedicated to vinyl in light of Record Store Day on April 13. It features three local record shop owners and Kingston musician, Bon Evans.

Riley and John start the episode in studio with Bon Evans. If you’re unfamiliar with Bon, he has been a part of the local music scene since 2012. He has performed all over town and works closely with charities like Rock for Dimes and Joe’s Musical Instrument Lending Library.

Fresh from a cross-Canada tour, Bon discusses his opportunity to be part of Via Rail’s On Board program performing for passengers en route from Toronto to Vancouver. Bon touches on the differences between performing in economy versus prestigious cars, his favourite train station and other anecdotes from his Via adventure. He also talks about what inspired him to become a musician at the age of 25 and the family connection to the Tragically Hip. And you’re in for a treat, Bon plays one of his original songs in studio!

Gerry Miskolczi of Now and Then in the Cataraqui Town Centre and Matthew Robinson, owner of Kingston’s newest record shop, Something Else Records on Wellington Street chat in studio about all things vinyl. Now and Then owner, Gerry, reveals the origin of his shop and shares his insights on how the vinyl customer base has changed over the years. Matthew of Something Else Records opened his doors less than a year ago. He discusses what made him and his wife decide to take the plunge with their new shop, the trend of new vinyl, and how the audience has changed.

Even Kingstonians who don’t buy vinyl know Brian’s Record Option. Brian’s shop closed after an unfortunate flood that caused significant water damage. Seven months later, Brian has re-opened and pod hosts Riley and John had the pleasure of visiting his newly renovated space a week before the grand opening.

Catch some of that interview on this month’s podcast. He opens up about how the community supported him to make sure he could re-open.

“People were coming up to me and putting money and cheques in my pockets,” he says. “I mean, I even had panhandlers come over to me and give me hugs!”

It’s incredibly heartwarming to hear him open up about the support from the Kingston community. “It’s changed me,” he says.

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