Kingston Live, Episode 12: A Roundup

By Tianna Edwards

Kingston Live ​is a monthly podcast that offers behind-the-scenes insights into the Kingston music scene. If you’re looking to learn more about the city’s emerging artists and where to see them play live, you’ll find it here! If you’re a resident music lover or visitor looking for the inside scoop on Kingston’s local music scene, it’s a perfect fit for you, too. 

Johnny and Riley close the year with their 12th episode, chatting with local musicians Dan Taylor and Paul Stoss, of the Dan Taylor Band and end the episode discussing the past year of the podcast, their favourite episodes and shows.

Dan Taylor of the Dan Taylor Band starts the episode discussing his latest single “Limestone City” and what inspired him to write it three years ago. Bandmate, Paul Stoss also shares his perspective on what he loves about Kingston. “The quality of musicians and artists that do exist here — it is an inspiring place,” says Paul. They chat about the concept of the “Kingston sound” something that Johnny and Riley have touched on with many guests on the show this year. Listeners learn more about the band and their performance in Kingston’s Santa Claus Parade. Dan’s advice to aspiring artists is, “Have thick skin.” Listeners get a chance to hear their single, “Limestone City!”

Johnny and Riley follow the tradition of listing every show worth attending in the Kingston area from now through to the new year. 

They close the show by chatting in a roundtable with Executive Producer Rob Howard and writer Pete Sanfilippo to reflect on their favourite episodes, shows and festivals of the year. They discuss the growth of Back to the Farm and the changes made to the format of Wolfe Island Music Festival (for the better!). Other local show highlights include The Glorious Sons’ show at Richardson Stadium and Rockin’ the House at the Kingston Penitentiary. Listeners also get the inside scoop on their favourite musical discoveries of 2019 and their thoughts on the local music scene and why it’s thriving. They also touch on one of my personal favourite moments from this year’s episodes: the interview with Brian from Brian’s Record Option and how the Kingston community lifted him up after his store flooded and made sure he didn’t close.

The Kingston Live podcast is syndicated to all major podcast platforms. Find them wherever you get your podcasts and make sure to subscribe: Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, TuneIn and Stitcher. They also air on Wolfe Island Radio on Tuesday and Thursdays! You can also follow them on Instagram.

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