Kingston Live, Episode 10: A Summary

By Tianna Edwards

Kingston Live is a monthly podcast that offers up behind-the-scenes insight into the Kingston music scene. If you’re looking to learn more about the city’s emerging artists and where to see them play live, you’ll find it here! If you’re a resident music lover or visitor looking for the inside scoop on Kingston’s local music scene, it’s a perfect fit for you, too.

Riley and Johnny get woke (as the kids say these days) talking politics with Tim Forbes and Jason Erb of Infotourist. Then they chat music production with Aaron Holmberg of Full Frequency Productions and Zane Whitfield of North of Princess Studio.

The podcast kicks off with Tim and Jason discussing their new concept album, “The Election” (Dropping October 19 with a show at The Mansion) and the thoughts and concepts behind their music. They touch on Canadian and American politics, share which band member canvassed for Bernie Sanders and why a decade went by between album drops. “Recently, we were talking about political troubles and thought we would dust off and resurrect the old Infotourist cadaver,” says Jason. They also talk about Kingston’s music scene and how it’s changed over the past ten years. “It’s like a big family,” says Jason. Their advice for the upcoming election: “When you go into that voting booth, your only job is making sure the biggest jerk doesn’t win.”

Mid-show, Johnny and Riley follow the tradition of listing every show worth attending in the Kingston area from now through November. 

Next up, Aaron and Zane — who have a combined experience of working with bands like The Tragically Hip, The Trews and The Glorious Sons to name a few —  talk about how they got their start in music production and how the industry has evolved with the innovation of technology. “I spent the first five years in the studio trying to learn the rules of recording and spent the last five years breaking them,” says Zane. They share the importance of gear and which equipment to prioritize purchasing if you’re just getting started. They really talk shop, so if you’re looking for wisdom and insight on studio gear, listen closely to this part of the podcast! They also give a lot of valuable advice for artists recording in-studio: hot tips, be prepared and environment is key. 

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