Kingston 5: Restaurants You Have To Try

By Visit Kingston

Are you looking to change up your dinner routine and try something new? With more restaurants per capita than any city in Canada, Kingston is definitely the place to get out there and experiment. With offerings from across the globe, you can introduce your palette to all kinds of unique flavours and textures without ever leaving the city limits. Below are 5 restaurants that we strongly recommend.

1. Kenko Sushi

There are fewer things in this world prized as much as an awesome sushi restaurant and Kenko Sushi on Bayridge Drive raises the bar. Kenko is family-run and rolls up some of the freshest, most delicious sushi you could hope for at an affordable price. If you’re looking to change things up from your usual brown paper bag, Kenko boasts some pretty great lunchtime deals. And let’s not forget about the details: the presentation of your meal looks almost too pretty to eat. But isn’t, obviously.
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 2. Mia Gelato

Ice cream is so five years ago apparently, because gelato has taken the stage to replace ice cream as everyone’s favourite frozen dairy treat. Leading the pack of revolutionaries, we have Mia Gelato on Ontario Street serving up a wide-ranging plethora of flavours incorporating ingredients from pistachio to bacon. While an absolute ‘must’ on a hot summer day, Mia Gelato’s consumption can be justified at any time of the year, really. Be warned though, you may spend more time trying to decide at the counter than you ever thought possible.
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 3. Geneva Crepe Cafe Bistro

If you haven’t had a crepe in your life – and if not, I don’t know how you can even call that living – you don’t know what you’re missing out on. To put it plainly, a crepe a type of really thin pancake, prepared in such a way and dressed in so many potential flavour combinations that you will never be able to look at a pancake again without wanting so much more. Geneva Crepe Cafe Bistro is a unique and affordable French-styled Restaurant that specializes in the art of the crepe. And the best part? They deliver.
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 4. Thai House Cuisine

Perhaps one of Kingston’s best kept secrets, Thai House Cuisine prepares some of the most flavourful dishes you could hope for. With savoury shrimp curry, crispy spring rolls and to-die-for Chicken Satai as just a taste of their offering – there’s something for even the most discerning of tastebuds. It’s a great atmosphere to dine-in and take in the decor with a friend, or to order take-out and retreat back to your place to use the chopsticks out of the eyeline of skilled professionals. See for yourself why this authentic Thai restaurant is steadily becoming everyone’s new favourite.
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 5. Grecos Grill & Wine Bar

Locals have frequented Grecos Grill & Wine Bar ever since it opened quietly on a bustling stretch of Princess Street in 1992. Since then, little has changed: it’s still one of the downtown core’s staples, and it still consistently serves some of the best Greek fare in Ontario (plus a large offering of options for even pizza-lovers). There’s much to rave about: the beef tenderloin tips, fresh squid, the chicken souvlaki… always cooked to perfection and presented beautifully. Grecos always has, and always will satisfy you in ways a fast food burger never could.
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