Insider Itineraries: Abroad @ Queen’s Dakota Kenwood

By Visit Kingston

Abroad @ Queen’s (A@Q) is a vlog starring Dakota Kenwood, an exchange student from Brisbane, Australia, as she ventures off Queen’s campus and enjoys all that Kingston has to offer. Her goal is to provide a resource for all visitors at Queen’s University looking to discover the wide variety of activities in Kingston so that they can make the most of their time at Queen’s.

Read on to discover her favourite spots.

1. Hiking to watch the sunrise at the summit of Rock Dunder

There is no better view in Kingston than the sun cresting over the treeline at Rock Dunder, making the leaf colours glisten and glow in the morning light. This is a feel-good morning activity to do with friends. Set your alarm for 6 am, toss on your hiking boots, grab your Timmy’s breakfast, and hit the trail!

2. 50 Cent Wing Thursday’s at Stooley’s Cafe

118 Division Street

Truly our favourite day of the week… and we are not alone. The 50c wing combo is such a steal with a pitcher of beer and perfected chicken wings at your desired Scoville level, the line up is out the door in under 20 minutes. It’s also a plus that the owner and head waiter are two of the nicest guys on the planet. Go in, have a laugh, and immerse yourself in an authentic Kingston restaurant while you fill up on wings and mozzarella sticks!

3. Rock and Chimney Climbing at Boiler Room Climbing Gym

4 Cataraqui Street

Ever wanted the sensation of being a chimney sweep, like the one in Mary Poppins? Ever looked at a boulder and thought man, I would love to learn how to climb that thing? Boiler Room Climbing Gym is the place to be. Not only is it a phenomenal forearm and finger workout, but it also has an amazing atmosphere. From novice to the professional climber, the Boiler Room is for you! With the pros helping the novices and a bunch of strangers trying to achieve the same goal, the sense community cannot be beat.

4. Having a blast at Putt n’ Blast

1300 Bath Road

A personal favourite of A@Q’s! Lasers, blacklights, mini putt, laser tag, prizes, food, drinks, music. If there is one place that everyone should go to in this city, it’s Putt n’ Blast. For just $20 you get a round of golf and a round of tag, and trust us, by the end you will be sweating bullets! Very fun-filled activity if you are looking to do something completely outside of the box from your every weekend social life as a student and get a workout while you’re at it.

5. Getting lost in a Corn Maze on Wolfe Island

August 4 – Mid-November

Hop on the ferry to Wolfe Island and get your thinking caps on as one of their main attractions on the island is their infamous corn maze. The sun starts to set as you are an hour and a half down a winding path in the middle of a cornfield. You approach a fork in the road, and you’ve got nothing but your gut to tell you the right way to go. You may choose to run, you may choose to walk, but you better clear your schedules because this maze is no joke. Nevertheless, it is an extremely fun activity, and Wolfe Island is an absolutely stunning place to be.

6. Leather-back recliners at the Kingston Landmark Cinemas

120 Dalton Avenue

Have you ever eaten pizza in a La-Z-Boy with all your friends in outer space? Whether it be space, or the busy streets of New York City, a haunted house, or some fantasy world, Landmark Cinemas is a luxury theatre that all movie lovers in K-Town are lucky to have. No longer do you have to pay twice the price for VIP screening to be treated like a king or queen while you rock a groutfit and enjoy an incredibly relaxing night out with all your mates — it’s the full experience at Landmark.

7. Giving back through the Kingston SWAM program

284 Earl Street

It’s important to give back to the community that offers us all so much. The Kingston SWAM (formerly Swim Ability) program is a great place to do so. Take 30 minutes out of your week to step outside the box and teach a one-on-one swimming lesson. The SWAM program offers weekly swimming lessons to children with a wide array of cognitive and physical disabilities. Not only are the families extremely grateful, but getting to know the swimmer and empowering them with the ability to swim is one of the most rewarding activities to get involved with in Kingston. Check out their Facebook page to see how SWAM is making a difference.

8. Seeing all your new-found friends on Friday or Saturday night at Ale House

393 Princess Street

Looking for something to do on a Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday night? Ale House is calling your name! Not only will you tear up the dance floor, but you will be dancing alongside everybody you have ever met on campus. Ale House is the place to be, and when you need a breather, or maybe a couple of chicken wings, swing down to Canteen just to the left of the club entrance.

9. Cheering on the home team at a Kingston Frontenacs hockey game

Leon’s Centre, 1 The Tragically Hip Way

The good ol’ hockey game is the best game you can name! Watch Canadians in their natural habitat, rinkside, as you cheer on Kingston’s local team as one. Grab a beaver tail with one hand and a Molson with the other, and enjoy the beautiful game… of hockey.

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Historical, Inviting, Diverse

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Mr. Brightside by The Killers

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