Gift Inspiration for Every Music Lover in your Life

By Sara Smith

It’s the most magical time of the year – unless, of course, you have an impossible-to-buy-for audiophile on your list. Their great taste and expansive music knowledge may make them the best road trip partner and default party DJ, but it also means that you’re left puzzling over an ideal gift time and time again.
But don’t fret: Kingston’s selection of unique, artsy, and offbeat retail options has you covered!

The Coworker Who Wears Band Shirts All the Time

Photo via - conejoazul
Photo via – conejoazul

You drew her name in the office secret Santa. She seems cool, even though you don’t know her that well. But she definitely prizes her collection of vintage rock tees, so you’re sure she’s into music. It might feel like a cop-out, but to avoid giving something they already have — or worst of all, something terribly uncool — gift certificates are where it’s at. Kingston’s cool independent shops like Brian’s Record Option and Zap Records make the experience of checking out the new releases and poring over the selection of vintage LPs part of the gift itself.

Your Uncle who Plays in a Dad-Rock Band

Photo via - PhotoAtelier
Photo via – PhotoAtelier

He’s also the type to pull out an acoustic guitar at family gatherings and engage everyone in a rousing rendition of “American Pie”.
For someone who plays as much (or more) as he listens, try a gift that will push their musical boundaries. Local shops such as Ardens Music and Long & McQuade offer sheet music for every instrument and genre under the sun. Or, for even more creative gifts, consider surprising them with an instrument rental. Monthly rentals at Long & McQuade are surprisingly affordable and will give your chord-obsessed family member something new and exciting to try.

The Friend who Reminds You of the Kid in Almost Famous

Photo via - StockSnap
Photo via – StockSnap

We’ve all got (at least) one: that friend who knows everything about music and was listening to the new hot band, like, a million years before you even heard of them.
Becoming a musical encyclopedia doesn’t come easy – your pal is listening to a lot of music, constantly. A new pair of headphones is a great choice for frequent listeners. Either they’ll love the upgrade to better comfort and sound quality, or they’ll appreciate a backup pair to keep in their gym bag or backpack (ensuring they’ll never go a second without music!).
Avoid the big chain stores and check out Canada Computers — Kingston’s homegrown electronics emporium – for options that will fit every budget.

Your BFF who Lives For the Top 40

Photo via - Unsplash
Photo via – Unsplash

Whether at a festival, at the club, or getting hype in their living room, your bestie is the poster child for a passionate love of awesome pop beats.
Vintage metal and rock shirts are so hot right now and are a perfect, unexpected look for Top 40 fans. Check out Bombshell Custom T-Shirts and Accessories for a huge variety of edgy options. Give the garment a few artistic slashes with the scissors, pair it with a trendy black choker, and voila: the perfect outfit for the next big show.
Bonus idea: Framed ticket stubs (either standalone or in a collage) look super cool, bring back happy memories, and let her show her musical colours to everyone who visits her home. Kingston Frameworks offers off-the-shelf options as well as professional framing services if you want to get really fancy with your presentation.

Your Record-Obsessed Significant Other

Photo via - Stacie DaPonte
Photo via – Stacie DaPonte

After years of listening to their music collection, you will grudgingly admit that yes, vinyl sounds better. Take the sound quality to the next level – nay, the ultimate level – with a gorgeous modern turntable and speaker system from Ash Forest Hi-Fi. If you’re prepared to make this financial investment (we’re talking $500+ for the turntable alone), the experts at Ash Forest will help you find a system that will provide outstanding sounds for years to come.
This super-splurge of a gift will not only change the way you both listen to music, but it’s also going to get you out of dish duty for the foreseeable future.