Filming the total solar eclipse in Kingston

By Visit Kingston

On April 8, people across North America will be treated to a rare celestial event as the Moon passes between the earth and sun, creating a total solar eclipse. No location is better suited to experience the full effect of the eclipse than Kingston, as our city will briefly be cast into complete darkness in the middle of the day as the Sun is completely blocked out.

2024 solar eclipse

Along with the rest of the community and the many visitors who will travel to Kingston for the event, we are ecstatic about this once in a lifetime experience. We know many people are preparing to take out all manner of camera equipment to capture this historic moment and we can’t wait to see all the footage and images on social media.

Filming in Kingston

Film permits

But in advance, we’d like to remind everyone that any professional filming, including documentaries, that takes place on public property require a film permit issued by the city. It can take a couple weeks for the permit process to take place, and even longer during busy periods in the city (such as the period leading up to the eclipse). If you require a film permit, we request you fill out an application form as soon as possible. View the film permit application.

Drone filming

The prospect of capturing aerial footage of the darkened city may be enticing, but all members of the community should be aware that drone usage anywhere in the city and surrounding regions without a permit is strictly forbidden and may be in violation of municipal, provincial, and/or federal laws.

Depending on the specific location and size of the drone, special permissions and documentation may be required. This includes drone insurance, a pilot’s certificate, NAV-CAN approval from Transport Canada, and/or a flight plan.

If you are unsure about which permits and documentation apply to you, please carefully review this resource from Transport Canada. In all circumstances, a drone permit is required (when filling out the permit application, please tick the box that says “Includes Aerial/Drone Filming” near the bottom of the application form).

Please note, due to heightened safety concerns involving reduced lighting and large groups of people outside, drone permits may be declined during the time of the eclipse.

Certain airspaces, such as those over prison facilities, hospitals and airports, are always forbidden at any time of the year. It is important that you always ensure flight is permitted in the area you intend to use your drone in advance. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

Thank you for your cooperation. It is our goal to ensure this solar eclipse is a safe and memorable experience for everyone.