Building on History: The Rosemount Inn

By Lexy Correa

It was love at first sight when new owners Lucy and Matt first laid eyes on the Rosemount Inn. They knew then that they wanted to be a part of its rich story. In January 2019, they set out to renovate the space while preserving the unique history of the property.

We had the chance to sit down and chat with Lucy to discuss their plans. Read on to learn about the big changes happening to this historic inn.

LC: Can you talk about the biggest changes happening to the inn?

LL: The Rosemount has remained one of the most iconic B&B’s in Kingston for nearly 30 years, so there is a tremendous amount of respect for the house and its name.

We’ve set out to refresh and reimagine the guest experience with modern comforts and amenities, while preserving the unique history of the property. During this process, we’ve worked with renowned hospitality designers to create a unique Modern Victorian design that combines the lush Victorian grandeur of the estate with contemporary flare.

The main changes include:

  • All new guest suites with modern bathrooms and luxurious finishes
  • A restoration of all interior surfaces
  • Redesigned common areas, with an emphasis on activating previously under-utilized spaces, allowing our guests to have the freedom to explore more of the house and feel more at home
  • State-of-the-art climate control, which is something many guests would not come to expect while staying at a heritage property such as ours

The whole concept is designed around coming together, finding community, and restoring some of the lost magic to staying in a modern hotel.

LC: Did you uncover anything interesting during this process?

LL: Surprisingly little. The house was in amazing shape structurally. However, it was certainly interesting to peel back all the layers and see all the marks and signs of the previous life stages of the house.

LC: What can visitors expect when they return to the Inn?

LL: We’ve set out to create a genuinely social hospitality experience, focusing on creating spaces where guests can relax and socialize. We’re not the kind of place where you bee-line straight through the lobby to your room and never interact with anyone. The whole concept is designed around coming together, finding community, and restoring some of the lost magic to staying in a modern hotel.

We’ve also updated our spa experience, so that guests can feel truly pampered.

LC: Can you discuss why visitors should consider staying at a historic inn?

LL: Historic inns offer all the comforts someone would expect at home, enhanced with certain indulgences like a warm welcome, freshly prepared meal, and a beautiful historic setting.  You’re also more likely to meet other guests who value similar comforts; creating a more genuine social experience.

As a member of the historic inns of Kingston, I’ve come to appreciate the uniqueness of each property and truly believe that the best way for a frequent visitor to experience Kingston is to try each inn.

LC: What made you choose Kingston?

LL: Kingston has always been a special place for our family. Matt is originally from Ottawa and was fortunate to spend his summers growing-up on the Rideau at his family’s cottage near Elgin. His mom’s side of the family has been in the Kingston, Harrowsmith, and Trenton region for generations, while his dad spent his formative years at RMC.

I’ve visited Kingston many times growing up with incredibly fond memories of summer festivals, walking through Queen’s, and the Thousand Islands Cruises.

We also fell in love with the Rosemount when we first saw it and wanted to be part of its history.

LC: How are you feeling since starting this journey?

LL: We’re generally very excited to be part of greater hospitality transformation that is currently happening in Kingston. With the Frontenac Club Inn and the other developments on the horizon, visitors will have access to a broader range of hospitality experiences than ever before to best complement their time in Kingston.

The Rosemount Inn will welcome guests back on June 1st, 2019. Keep an eye on their social media for updates! More photos of the renovation below.