Art and Emergence, More Than Just a Pretty Flower

By Visit Kingston

Guest post written by Lori Kallay

The Canadian ground has finally embraced the glacial retreat that was our winter and wonderful things are emerging – things like grass and buds and robins. We won’t discuss the emerging pet messes left behind hidden under that blanket of ice; that isn’t the type of emergence we want to embrace.
So in celebration of being woken up by that sunbeam at 6:00 am and the kids playing outside until the streetlights come on later each day, our troupe of ‘art artists are back at it! We’re back in our now sun-filled studios creating work to enhance the “good for the soul” feelings we are filled with by the new season. We are happy to give you Jardin’Art.
As it turns out, the flora and fauna aren’t the only things emerging! We are pushing our comfort zones and working with a new medium. Art on glass with imagery visible from both sides was a challenge, and we have created such diverse pieces ranging from shimmery pond life to quiet moments, from illuminated birch trees and flowers to windows within windows! We are giving you another reason to enjoy the warmer days!
Similar to Froid’Art, our Jardin’Art project is walking tour of wonderful public art intended to set you out for a day walk or evening stroll. Full of visual surprises, and not a snowflake in sight, this is a no excuses must-see!

Jardin’Art locations as of May 17 2015:

  • Frankie Pestos, 167 Ontario Street
  • The Secret Garden Inn, 73 Sydenham Street
  • Cornerstone, 255 Ontario Street
  • Chez Piggy, 68 Princess Street
  • Mexico Lindo y Que Rico, 262 Sydenham Street
  • Olivea Restaurant, 39 Brock Street
  • The Queen’s Inn, 125 Brock Street
  • The Waterfront Restaurant, 22 Water Street West, Napanee

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