9 Kingston Eats You Need To Try For Under $10

By Kate Farrell

Kingston is a culinary gem; there is no doubt about that. What’s even more impressive than the sheer number of options to satisfy your taste buds is the quality of all these restaurants. Take a ten-minute walk downtown, and you’ll pass a dozen restaurants serving mouth-watering, unique dishes.

With so many restaurants to drop in on, how can you possibly satisfy your inner foodie without breaking the bank? That’s where we come in. Thankfully, Kingston can be as frugal as it is delicious — all it takes is a little digging. Here are the best places offering up delicious eats all under ten dollars.

Brass Pub

403 Princess Street

If you’re looking for classic eats with a laid-back atmosphere, look no further than The Brass. There’s a reason that students and locals alike flock here year round, and it’s not just for the live music and bumping atmosphere. Sometimes you just need to indulge in a greasy meal that satisfies all your cravings. Whether it’s breakfast or late at night, these guys have got you covered.

What to get: Fresh Belgian Waffles made to order! Get them fully loaded with Strawberry compote, whipped cream and chocolate syrup for $10.

Smores waffles😍 dessert for breakfast!

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The Pilot House

265 King Street East

The Pilot House is known for their legendary fish and chips, but their other gastro offerings prove that they aren’t just a one trick pony. Located in the heart of downtown K-Town, it’s a cozy spot to relax and treat your buds (taste and people).

What to get: The Pilot Poutine. Known for amazing fries, why not add gravy, mozzarella, St. Albert Curd and Bacon? All for 10 dollars.

Northside Espresso + Kitchen

281 Princess Street

If you haven’t seen this recently opened, Melbourne, Australia inspired cafe + kitchen in person, you’ve definitely seen it on Instagram. It’s home to not only some of the nicest brunch aesthetics in Kingston but also meals inspired by the iconic cafe culture in Melbourne. All this to say, you’re going to get amazing coffee (get the flat white), and a rare, slower paced atmosphere to soak up all the flavour.

What to get: The Croissant + Sweet is freshly baked and paired with Nutella or Henderson Farms jam, paired with some of the best coffee in the city, this cheap eat makes for a perfect morning.

Bread & Butter Bakery

1530 Bath Road

The cliche, “the simple things in life are better” may have been created exactly for this charming bakery. As a family run business, this little bakery serves up some of the best sweet and savoury pastries you can imagine, with everything made fresh and in-house.

What to get: Bread Pudding. Let them show you what love is with this mouthwatering dish for only $5.50, and for $5.95 you can get it with the Butter Rum sauce.

Wok In

30 Montreal Street

Blink and you’ll miss this tiny takeout spot. A favourite among Kingston locals for years, this family-owned business serves up some of the most mouthwatering Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian dishes in Kingston. With huge portions and exceptionally tasty food, you’ll be doing your stomach and wallet (nothing costs more than $11) a favour.

What to get: Asian Style Chicken with red curry, basil, peanuts, coconut and rice. A classic that tastes like a delicacy, only $9.50.

Harper’s Burger Bar

93 Princess Street

Sometimes you want the basics, and then there are the times you’re craving a burger decked out with caramelized everything, aiolis galore, and cheese so fancy you’ll eat with your pinkies up. Whatever your mood, Harper’s is there. This downtown fan-favourite serves up customizable burgers, awesome hot dogs, and unique poutines — try the coconut-red curry sauce with cilantro.

What to get: Boozy Floats are the perfect sidekick to your burger or stand alone treat. For $8 you can get a generous scoop of ice cream with the perfectly paired brew. We love the Bartenders Root Beer Float with Galliano, Frangelico, Pepsi & vanilla ice cream.

Sally’s Roti Shop

203 Wellington Street

Just thinking about Sally’s made-from-scratch dishes makes our mouth water, so it’s no surprise they made our list! All the dishes, from curries to roti, are made fresh to order, and all the flavours really give you an authentic Caribbean dining experience.

What to get: The Dhalpuri Roti is made in-house, so how can you not? Vegetarian options start at $5, but there are also chicken, goat, lamb and shrimp available too. Each roti comes with curry potatoes.

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Give me all the roti. 😛

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Juniper Cafe

370 King Street

Stepping into the Juniper Cafe is like entering a little enclave of paradise. Perched on the shores of Lake Ontario at the Tett Centre, the Juniper Cafe serves local food all artfully made in-house. Find a selection of healthy salads, mouthwatering sandwiches, and pastries to pair with a glass of wine or cup of coffee while you sit out on the patio and take in the view!

What to get: Breakfast Sandwich for $7.95. A sandwich worth every penny and then some. You’ll get double smoked bacon, aged cheddar, Bekings poached egg, and tomato jam on a fresh buttermilk biscuit.