8 Best Salads in Kingston

By Kate Farrell

Thought you would never be the type of person to go out to a restaurant and order a salad? Ever look at that person eating a sad compilation of weak greens with one tomato and think, “man they are missing out”? So have we. Luckily though, Kingston isn’t fooling around, rather, the culinary chefs of K-town are changing the usual reaction to a salad entree from ew, you just got that? to why didn’t I get that?
These salads are sliding into your life just in time for your New Year’s resolution. And we’re not talking about the resolutions you see on the back of magazines — you know, the ones that promise that you’ll lose fifteen pounds while also getting super rich and finding the love of your life all while rocking your new designer wardrobe? No. This year it’s about finding the perfect balance. Going out and trying new things, tasting all the best varieties of food YGK has to offer, and redefining the basics of your life to spice them up that much more. Here’s where you can find 8 of the best salads in Kingston that prove health doesn’t have to be boring.

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Kingston Street Sizzle

285 King St. East
Located in the heart of downtown Kingston in the Four Point by Sheraton hotel, this hidden gem isn’t your basic hotel meal. They start off with an amazing location right on King St, add in friendly service, and top it off with a huge selection of food that’ll please the pickiest of eaters. The best part? They offer a huge selection of exciting salads to keep you fresh and on track. Our pick is the Sizzle Salad with baby spinach, hard boiled egg, crispy chouriço sausage, all topped with fresh parmesan and sauteed shrimp for a mouthwatering dish.
Bonus, if you’re staying at the Four Points hotel you get a 10% discount. Why not treat yourself (or someone else) and make it a night?

Aqua Terra

1 Johnson Street
If you’re looking for a night out that’s fit for royalty, look no further. Aqua Terra is one of the finest dining experiences in Kingston; they have an amazing location right on the shore of Lake Ontario, a flavorful menu, and even a VQA Award Winning Wine List. And fine dining is sometimes served best when it’s served with simplicity, enter the Aqua Seafood Salad. Seared shrimp and scallops served on apple and fennel salad with a peach compote chardonnay peach vinaigrette, keep this dish light and fresh but don’t worry — it still comes with loads of class.

Stone City Ales

275 Princess Street
The undeniably hip small batch brewery in Kingston is obviously the spot to go for a unique craft brew, but the hidden gem here? Their farm to table delicacies crafted by a team lead by Chef Neale Aziz. Their kale and squash salad is the definition of quality over quality with red kale, roasted squash, nigella seeds, pumpkin seeds, red onion, and fresh lemon to round it out. Add on goat cheese and pair it with a rotating beer for a classy night.  


71 Brock Street
Atomica is home to some of Kingston’s finest pasta and cocktails, and though those may be the stars of the scene here we’re giving the encore to their fresh salads. Specifically, the Warm Curry Chickpea salad. Atomica clearly knows what’s going on — no one wants to eat a sad, cold salad in the chilly Kingston winter, that’s why this one comes with delicious warm curry chickpeas, pickled vegetables, raisins, and pistachios.

Tango Nuevo

331 King St. East
Tango Nuevo can be described in one word, irresistible.This is where your “new year new me” state of mind can really be satisfied. They bring inspiration from around the world for their food but use seasonal, local produce for a perfect fusion menu. For this salad, we’re doing a little fusion of our own, tasting a little bit of our favourite fresh dishes in the true spirit of tapas. Try out the kale salad with toasted pumpkin seeds, the marinated beets with honey yogurt and crunchy quinoa, and seasonal greens, and the roasted cauliflower with roasted red pepper tapenade. Never feel bad for ordering seconds again!

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Pan Chancho

44 Princess Street
Like any good resolution, the founders of Pan Chancho started with a simple goal: they wanted to open a small bakery to provide handmade bread to compliment their food at Chez Piggy. That simple goal grew into the delicious European style bakery, gourmet food shop and cafe that is one of Kingston’s premier brunch and lunch spots. There’s no better way to stick to your own simple goal then by eating some of their fresh, locally sourced food — and no way that’s more enjoyable. We love the winter salad with kale, dried cranberries, maple toasted pecans, white pens, creamy chevre dressing, and croûtes. You better believe we’re adding the double smoked bacon bits and pan-fried halloumi cheese.

Juniper Cafe

370 King St. West
The Juniper Cafe may just be the real life manifestation of our dream cafe. Located in the bottom of the Tett Centre overlooking Lake Ontario, they, “make good coffee and fine food”. Locally sourced and made in-house, their menu changes weekly but they always have a stellar salad on the roster. Right now we’re loving their Sonset Farms Spelt Berry Salad which also has roasted carrots and Wilton feta pumpkin seeds.

Pollo Stagione

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Wooden Heads

192 Ontario Street
We know what you’re thinking, who would even think of getting a salad at a pizza restaurant? Well luckily, Wooden Heads came up with the deliciously unique dish that is the Pollo Stagione. It’s a hot salad with fried russet potato, marinated sundried tomato, capers, grilled chicken breast, and dill pressed yogurt. We’ll give you a second to bathe in that glory before you make your reservation.