5 Questions with the Long Island Medium

By Visit Kingston

New York Times best-selling author, psychic medium and star of the hit TLC show, Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo will be appearing live in Kingston on November 6th at the Rogers K-Rock Centre, where she will share her incredible ability to communicate with the beyond. To promote her show, Theresa was kind enough to answer some of our burning questions about her life as a medium.

How old were you when you realized you could connect with the beyond?

I’ve been sensing and feeling Spirit since the age of four. It was just sort of normal to sense and feel things when no one else was in the room but myself. As a child I would always say to my mom, “I don’t feel right, I don’t feel like I belong, I feel different.” And my mom would literally say to me “You’re not adopted so there’s no reason you should feel that way.”

It wasn’t later until my 20’s did I realize that not only was I connecting with my loved ones that have died, but everyone else’s loved ones. And then– you know, I’m a practicing Catholic– so it took me a while to incorporate my gift with my faith– then after that I started with “Okay, God’s blessed me with this gift– who’s going to want to see a medium?” I couldn’t understand that. But what I learned from the souls of the departed is that unfortunately no matter who we lose, and how they die, we here in the physical world are left with burdens and guilts. We’re left with these ‘should-of, could-of, would-of’s’– and all of these negative emotions do not give us the ability to heal. So, Spirit is going to give us what we need to hear to make tomorrow a little bit easier. And that’s the amazing thing about the experience – you know, I never want anyone to be discouraged, like “Oh my god, there’s going to be thousands of people there.” I am not on that stage – so when I come, because I have never been to Kingston before – I am not on that stage, I am down in that crowd… so you can feel this amazing experience no matter where you are if you want to be a part of it. Spirit is going to guide me around the space and have me stop and deliver messages. I’m the first person to stop and say what I do is crazy– but Spirit talks about things that there’s no way I would know about. They’re going to talk about things that happened years ago to remind you of the happy times. Because if you’re busy beating yourself up with all of these burdens and guilts, you’re forgetting about the happy times. So they’re going to remind you of that. Then they’re going to talk about things that have happened since they’ve died, to validate for you that every breath that through you take, every milestone you achieve, they are with you in Spirit– they are not missing out. Then they talk about the little things you haven’t shared with anyone else– maybe things you said to them in your own personal thoughts and prayers, and to me, that is one of the greatest gifts because it validates that you don’t need to go to a medium to connect with your loved ones. What you say to them, they hear you. I’m just able to validate for you that they hear you.

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium. Image via: Theresa Caputo Facebook
What’s it like for you to receive these messages?

It’s a little hard to explain because it’s just a knowing– I always say to people that “I wish there was something really cool that I could tell you that happened,” but it just happens– I just all of the sudden just start sensing and feeling things. Like certain signs and symbols mean something to the person I’m standing in front of. And I don’t see the way we see here in the physical world– I see shadows, I see silhouettes, but I feel an emotional bond.

I also feel the way they died. Last night, I was in Edmonton, and I was in my dressing room and I was talking to one of my crew members, and all of the sudden I doubled over out of nowhere with this pain in my stomach– and they were like “Is it something you ate?” and I’m like “No, I literally feel like someone is stabbing me in my stomach” because I feel the way someone has died– and unfortunately there were souls that were coming through that were murdered and that they were stabbed– and it was crazy because that stuff doesn’t happen too often; sometimes Spirit will get my attention before a show… it was the craziest thing. So I feel things. I feel physical things to get to relay a message to someone. But I wasn’t working, so I was like “Oh my god, what is this pain?” But this is why I suffered for years of anxiety because I would tend to feel things and not knew what they meant.

Have you ever asked yourself “Why Me?”

You know what? I did, for a long time, I questioned that. Why was I chosen to do this? And I always say, it’s just because I’m crazy enough to say whatever it is that I’m sensing and feeling. When I was going through that period of asking myself, once, I was channeling this young man who had died, who said to me, and literally showed me that the reason I was chosen was because I allowed the souls to use my physical body with their personality. I will allow the souls to kind of, show you how they would act on the other side; how they would interact with other souls, because again, I feel that’s the best validation for someone. Whether you believe in what I do or not, there’s no way I could figure out the personality of your loved one– how they would say something, describe exactly how they would dress, or symbols or phrases that they would use. And that’s the incredible thing. And I feel like we’re all chosen to do amazing things here in the physical world. Each and every one of us, no matter what we do, we change people’s lives. And, I don’t mean to sound corny, but I really truly believe that.

What do you hope your clients get out of a reading with you?

My wish for anyone that comes and witnesses any type of spiritual communication from me, is that I want them to know that there truly is more to life than appearances of the world, and that their loved ones are still with them. I want them to be more open to the signs and the symbols and to realize that it doesn’t have to be having a dream with them, it doesn’t have to be red cardinals, or butterflies, or hummingbirds, or rainbows – it could be anything. There are things that go on around you that is odd, weird, different, a coincidence or that just simply reminds you of your loved ones – I want you to know that these are direct from heaven and these are your loved ones reaching out to you.

Do you have any plans to stop doing readings?

I always say this – at the end of the day, I am Theresa Caputo from Hicksville who channels the souls of the departed. And whether I’m on TV or travelling the country on a tour bus, I will always do and deliver messages from Spirit.

Get tickets to witness Theresa’s amazing gifts first-hand as she gives live readings to audience members throughout her Kingston show on November 6.