Video: Inside Kingston’s Lumina Borealis

By Patrick Bisson

Lumina Borealis brings the magic back to Kingston’s Fort Henry for the third year on Friday, November 30 (and is open for various dates until January 5.) If you haven’t yet experienced winter’s beauty in the twisting tunnels of the Fort, you’ve come to the right place.

So… what is it, exactly?

Simply put, Lumina Borealis is an interactive and illuminated night walk; a multimedia and multisensory experience for anyone looking to make their winter a little brighter and magical.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a cynic. When Lumina Borealis was first brought to Kingston in 2016 the super-vague promo campaign (which was equal parts frustrating and enticing), had me on the fence. I wasn’t convinced that Lumina could live up to the hype — and I still wasn’t clear on what it was, or what I should expect.

And so, I bundled up (it should go without saying that wearing many layers will make the experience that much more enjoyable) and ventured to Fort Henry on opening weekend to see for myself.

Without giving away too much to those who haven’t been (although, what have you been waiting for?) I will say that I left impressed, and with a renewed faith in winter. Lumina Borealis invoked a nostalgic feeling of wonder that I can legitimately say I haven’t felt since I was a seven-year-old being guided through Ottawa’s Winterlude by my father.

And that’s what this experience is about — recapturing and reliving those childhood memories etched in the hearts of every Canadian — and ensuring the next generation can look back 25 years from now with the same warm reflections, despite the cooler temperatures.

Make sure you take the time to experience Lumina Borealis this winter, you’ll be glad you did.