Sorry, did you say Canadian getaway?

With waterfront views and award-winning flavours? Somewhere friendly and close to home, with a vibe all its own? Sounds like Kingston.

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Go farther, stay longer

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1000 reasons to visit Kingston

Start your getaway at the Thousand Islands Bridge. Where Kingston is less than an hour away and the best of the Thousand Islands awaits.

What we’re all about

From the craft and culture to the art and architecture. From the local and happening to the fresh and relaxing. This is what Kingston is all about.

Endless stories

Experience Kingston. Its people and the place. With heritage sites and guided tours, art galleries and museums. Plus theatre, live music, and more.

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New Discoveries

Explore like a Kingstonian. Along the waterfront and through the trails, downtown and around town. Uncover hidden gems and attractions, events, activities, and more.

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Fresh Flavours

Fill up on locally sourced ingredients, crafted by celebrated chefs and brew masters. Find pubs and patios, restaurants and cafes. With eats, treats, and more.

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Wellness Retreats

Unwind in Kingston. Where it all just melts away. Stay at elegant inns and chic hotels, with luxurious suites and catered services. Including gyms, studios, spas, and more.

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