Thrifty Kingston

By Tianna Edwards

Don’t let Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ top 40 song ruin thrift shopping for you.
The thrill of a thrift shop is finding an absolute gem and knowing you won’t break the bank buying it. Kingston has diverse options for thrifters from practical to fun vintage – there is something for everyone on this list of locally-owned second hand shops.


Phase 2

For the the practical type: the person who refuses to pay obscene amounts of money on their work uniforms or Queen’s trackpants.
Vibe: I’ve never seen such a well organized retail space in my life. Phase 2 – located at the corner of Princess and Barrie street – is immaculately maintained with clothes hung and categorized perfectly, making it a breeze to navigate.
Phase 2
This family owned business has been selling professionally cleaned, recycled clothing since 1981. It is a go-to for chef wear, scrubs, uniforms and lower priced Queen’s attire that are brand new items at a lower price point.
Phase 2 tie selection
On the main level you’ll find uniforms, men and women’s wear, office wear and Queen’s attire – and a trip upstairs will reveal loads of retro wear, sparkles and costumes.
Phase 2 -
Phase 2 - mens denim
They do not accept clothes from the public. They receive large shipments of clothes from privately owned wholesalers.


What I’ll Wear

For the hipster: for the person looking for a fun and unique vintage score or a halloween enthusiast wanting to up their costume game.
Vibe: While browsing the colourful aisles of this adorable shop east of Clergy on Princess, I eavesdrop on two girls as they pick up clothing items and hang them against themselves waiting for each other’s feedback. One girl says, “You know what my goal has always been?” Adding, “To be a dad.” I peer over and see her holding up a lumberjack button up and chuckle to myself.
What I'll Wear Entrance
What I’ll Wear provides a diverse array of clothing options from retro classic fitted, bright and printed dresses and church hats to more practical Mens Lacoste polos ($10) and button-ups. The prices are reasonable, ranging from $15 – $40 for dresses to $10 for sunglasses. They also have fun costume pieces and lots of clip-on earrings.
What I'll Wear Accessories
What I'll Wear
They purchase from large vintage sales in places like Toronto. A browse through this shop reminds me of visits to my favourite vintage shops in Toronto’s Kensington Market (minus the steep prices).