DIGGING ROOTS at the Isabel

Part of the Global Series

“Digging Roots lets love lead in life, music and ceremony.” –CBC Radio
Digging Roots is a Juno Award-winning rock and blues group built around husband and wife duo Raven Kanetakta and ShoShona Kish. Imagine an AK-47 that shoots love. The notion is audacious, to say the least. But audacity is Digging Roots’ stock in trade.
Juno-winning First Nations power couple Shoshona Kish and Raven Kanataktahave built their sound on a unique musical marriage of unvarnished truth and unconditional love. Digging Roots’ new song and video AK-47 has both, in spades. AK-47 packs the punch of Digging Roots’ live anthem Hwy 17, adding the romantic optimism of For the Light, the title track of their most recent album. Like the latter video, AK-47 articulates an aesthetic deeply rooted in human love, but takes the approach to a new level.
This concert is also part of the Queen’s Indigenous Arts Festival.
*Seating for this performance is General Admission
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