Alone With Kingston – Photo Exhibition at Martello Alley

Martello Alley is pleased to announce that Benoit Séguin is the featured artist for June. His photography is stunning and vibrant, with fresh and unique views of our city. Benoit says it best in his own words-

“Déjà 3 belles années de découvertes. Mon regard ne cesse d’explorer en profondeur, solitude insistante oblige… J’entre dans cette PRÉSENCE, constructions de choses qui m’entourent et qui s’enracinent dans de multiples réalités. Mon appareil et mes yeux, yeux connectés à un regard en devenir; moi et Kingston nous vous partageons.

Kingston and its surroundings… A place that I have been discovering already for 3 years. My perspective is transforming itself through my eyes and mind, through my photos! In pure moments of mindfulness, have I contemplated the PRESENCE of constructions… reflected in the realities surrounding me.

203 B Wellington St, Kingston, ON K7K 2Y6

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