A Winter Trip to Kingston – Foodie Edition

By Sara Smith

Fill your belly and warm your soul with Kingston’s cool culinary treasures.

It’s a tale as old as time: nothing warms a winter-weary heart like rich, inviting food and drink. Don’t let a blustery weather forecast freeze you out of your weekend plans – bundle up and head out in search of these comforting and delicious delights!

The Brunch Bunch

After a thrilling night of marvelling at Lumina Borealisvisual wonders followed by post-event cocktails, you and your squad may be in serious need of a hearty, hangover-curing brunch.

If you’re in an indulgent mood, seek out some breakfast poutine – a decadent take on classic morning favourites and the über-Canadian comfort dish. Chien Noir and Pan Chancho offer vastly different, yet equally drool-worthy versions. For those who prefer more traditional fare, Carmelinda’s has all the greasy-spoon standbys your appetite desires. Or head to Chez Piggy for high-concept twists on classic diner brunch items, such as sourdough french toast and fish cake benedict. Another fun twist on the brunch menu can be found at The Public House, where scotch eggs, full Scottish breakfast, and haggis (they even have a vegan version!) number amongst the impressive options.

Of course, the brunch scene is almost as crucial as the food itself. Grab a spot next to a window so you can watch the swirling snow and trudging passers-by as you and your pals feast on eggs, mimosas, and gossip. What’s more cozy than that?

Photo via Pixabay.com - JayMantri
Photo via Pixabay.com – JayMantri

Seasonal Delights

The truest way to experience a city is not only through its sights and activities but through its food. Eating locally-produced food (also known as “locavorism”) is a great way to add another dimension to your visit, and it’s environmentally friendly to boot!

Farm-to-table restaurants often create menus to highlight the best local, seasonal products available. In the winter, keep an eye out for rich beef and lamb dishes, savoury root veggies and cranberry-based treats. Asking your server about the daily specials is another way to find out what’s new, fresh, and locally-sourced.

Kingston’s restaurant scene offers a myriad of farm-to-table options that will stick to your ribs on a chilly winter’s day. For a shareable experience, check out Tango Nuevo’s fantastic tapas menu. And farm-to-table has never been more literal than at Bayview Farm Restaurant, an establishment run adjacent to a family farm of the same name.

Photo via Flickr.com - Maya83
Photo via Flickr.com – Maya83

Quest for the Best Hot Chocolate

Looking for a fun, sweet, and — most importantly — warming way to spend a wintery Saturday? Why not take your crew on a tour of Kingston’s hip coffee shops and quaint cafes to sample their scrumptious seasonal hot bevs? When it’s over you can deliberate and crown your favourite the ultimate hot chocolate champion!

Start at Sipps for their infamous decadent hot chocolates, complete with additions like peanut butter, pretzels and ganache, topped with mounds of whipped cream, and served in a chocolate-rimmed glass! Then check out spots like The Common Market (toasted marshmallows? Yes, please!), Juniper Cafe, and The Elm Cafe to get your fix of creamy, dreamy, hot chocolate deliciousness.

Photo via Pixabay.com - lia2lia2
Photo via Pixabay.com – lia2lia2