9 More Restaurants in Kingston That Embrace Cheat Day

By Jordan Whitehouse

Last year, I wrote about nine of the most epic cheat day eats you’ll find in Kingston. But this year we thought, if indulgence is our game, why stop there? So here are nine more that are just as unhealthy and just as delicious from a slew of different Kingston restaurants eager to spoil you.

Geneva Crepe Café Bistro

Foods awesome, first stop was a good stop!

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The Lumberjack Waffle

Start your cheat day right with this Belgian waffle topped with AAA sirloin steak, caramelized onions, diced garlic-and-herb potatoes, an over easy fried egg, and Geneva’s secret barbecue sauce. And since it’s a day of indulgence, consider sipping a maple spice latte on the side with whipped cream and brown sugar ($5.25/16 oz). $15
297 Princess Street


Coffee Way Donuts

Boston Cream

This 24-hour donut shop hasn’t changed its donut recipes in 25-plus years — and that’s a really good thing. If you have to choose, go for the Boston Cream, a heavenly cloud of pastry oozing with a rich custard filling and topped with a thick, indulgent smear of chocolate frosting. $1.25/each, $7.25/half dozen, $12.50/dozen
472 Division Street


Rustic Spud


A handful of restaurants have rotated through this location at Bagot and William Street over the years, but we think Rustic Spud and its “new age Canadian cuisine” are here to stay. Definitely helping matters are its famous ponados: spiral potatoes fried in a batter of corn flour and water, and seasoned with smoked kosher salt. Served with a side of aioli dressing, these potato tornadoes are the perfect starter to almost anything at the Spud. $11
175 Bagot Street


Paradiso Pizza

Rice Ball

Any old-school pizza joint worth its weight in dough has to have a rice ball on its menu. This doozy, served up by the pizzeria voted the top in the city, is a good one to start with. Deep-fried and stuffed with Bolognese meat sauce, peas, and carrots, it’s served over a nicely balanced marinara sauce. Add roasted garlic dipping sauce to take it to the next level ($1.10). $2.99/each
887 Division Street, 1755 Bath Road


The Wolfe Island Grill
Wolfe Island Grill
Wilton Aged Cheddar Cheese Bread

The 20-minute free ferry ride to Wolfe Island is worth it for this grilled French baguette topped with Odessa-made Wilton cheese and lemon garlic aioli. Add bacon, caramelized onions or Portobello mushrooms on top for $1.50 each, or just get them all for four bucks. $14 
1222 Main Street, Wolfe Island


SushiYa Zen

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Pork Teriyaki Bento

Vegetables must be deep fried on cheat day, and the Pork Teriyaki Bento at SushiYa Zen obliges with deep-fried tempura vegetable fritters. It also comes with shrimp tempura (2 pcs), deep-fried beef gyoza (2 pcs), a California roll, rice, and grilled pork belly covered in homemade Teriyaki sauce. $15.99
49 Princess Street



Penne Arrabbiata

Is there anything more comforting than a big bowl of pasta in a bright tomato sauce with sausage or chicken? Olivea’s Penne Arrabbiata fits the bill with fresh homemade pasta and spicy house-made sauce. Not into the heat? Go with a classic Pomodoro tomato sauce instead. You can also go meat-free with either sauce ($16). $24
39 Brock Street


Amadeus Café

Amadeus restaurant

Food By The Metre

If you have three friends to join in on your cheat day, head to Amadeus and belly up for this family-style special. Metre-long wooden platters are piled with schnitzels, assorted sausages, smoked pork chops, lemon wedges, and Dijon mustard. This feast also comes with German potato salad, sauerkraut, and soup or salad to start. Wash it all down with one of their exclusive imported German beers on tap. $21.95/person
170 Princess Street


Reid’s Dairy

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Reid’s has been a local dairy legend since 1910, and a big reason for that popularity is their loonie milkshakes. You have three choices: vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Whatever you pick, it’ll likely be one of the freshest shakes you’ve ever had. Why? Because two-thirds of Reid’s raw milk comes from dairy farms within 100 kilometres of its Belleville manufacturing facility. $1
1695 Bath Road